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posted by Crazyruby
One dia flora was sitting on the bench thinking that helia like krystal and they r the childhood friends too..flora is very angry suddenly krystal came and asked what happened flora?? Flora slap krystal very loudly and keep slaping and scratching her ..Mrs Faragonda came and stop their fight
Mrs Faragoda's POV
U both r fighting for what??? U both have done what it didnt happened in the history of alfea now u will get punishment u have to go to earth and have to be good friends...
They pack their bags and went to the earth when reach to the earth suddenly weather change and its start raining they both ran and stop in the front of a house they knock..Who is their?? A voice came from inside...
Krystal's POV
Sorry to disturb u but plz let us get in we r wet and we dont have any início its raining here really heavily...
Door opened and a girl said come on in but tell me who r u??
Flora's POV
My name is Flora and she is Krystal we came here to do fashion designing but we dont have any home.
Im Alice a famous fashion designer nice too meet u both u can stay with me here said that girl..Alice took them to a room they changed their clothes and went to sleep seguinte dia alice was going krystal asked where r u going??? She said im going to my work i will happy of u both will also come.they both went to the comprar it is great but after 1 hora a girl came and tried to kill alice but flora and krystal stop her...krstal asked who is she.Alice told her that she will tell them afterwards ... It was night flora crack a joke and krystal laught loudly they r just talking and krystal said flora im really sorry i didnt mean to hurt u helia is not mine he is yours lets be friends...Flora said and sorry to u to i have slap and from now we r friends...someone knock their room door flora opened it was Alice ..Alice said can i cadastrar-se u plz ??? Flora said of couse u can... They were talking
Alice POV
U were asking na who is that girl?? She is mary at one time she used to be my best friend but in 10 we got center in same school she didnt knew one ans so she asked me i didnt show her and said it is wrong then she tries to cheat from others teacher caught her she cant able to write exam for 3 years but at the 4 ano she pass on that time i have been a fashion designer. And she become jealous with me but this jealousy slowly becomes a crime she try to kill me. Because of u im safe.
Suddenly, the people started shouting flora went to the window and said fire!! The house is in the fire!! The roof become to fallen down and flora and krystal have no chance they transform themself and saves Alice life after saving her they back to their normal form.Alice neighbor came and said a girl was attacking to ur house she is now in jail, they went to jail and found that it was mary .before mary starts saying anything Alice start saying
Alice POV
Hey, my best friend, im really sorry that i didnt show that answer in tent but if u like can we become friends again plz?
Tears become to fell from mary's she said yes, im sorry too for a simple pergunta i have broke my friendship with u im sorry!!!Alice took her out from jail and together they decided to start a fashion buisiness and Alice want flora and krystal to cadastrar-se the buisiness but before they can say anything, Mrs.Faragonda's message arrive she want them to be in alfea they apologize for the deal and went to Alfea. At the alfea gate Helia was standing Flora look at Krystal.`he is yours flora go and talk to him'.After talking to Helia Flora's face was lighted up she was happy and run towards Krystal and gave her a tight hug and said` he wantto marry me his parents have seen me and asked helia about me and tell him to marry me im so happy' ......` u deserves this happiness' their wedding were sucessful and they lived happily ever after....
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posted by WinxClubFan223
I walked into the room, laughing a bit. The audience was going to find my seguinte bit hilarious. "Hello, and welcome back to Dandelion's Comedy Show! I am Dandelion, Fairy of Flowers, your host! Today I am going to be daring some of you guys in the audience!" I announced, sticking my hand in the bowl seguinte to me. "Now lets see who I am going to dare first..." I pulled out a slip of paper, and looked at it.

"Oh wow, Stormy! Come up!" I called, laughing a bit. I examined the crowd, and my eyes landed on The Trix. Darcy had to pretty much push Stormy up onto the stage, while Icy was laughing her head...
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