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5. Diaspro - For starts her hair is so cool looking, I amor the long blonde locks. Really unique. Her hair piece looks pretty amazing as well. Her outfit in general is pretty cool, especially in her fairy form. She's a pretty unique character, look wise.

4. Musa - I only ranked Musa 4th because after season 3 her style went down hill. I really loved her shorter pigtails they suited her well. The one sleeved camisa from season 1 was really cool along side the baggy pants. Her eye shape and color really work for her character as well. And any música related accessory is a plus, considering I amor music. Her fairy form from season 1 was cute, loved the headphones, nice touch, way better than some sissy crown. Plus her wings were unique and not all in your face.

3. Stormy - This is probably an unpopular opinion, but all things considered I think Stormy is a beautiful character. Her hairstyle is perfect for her, I am so glad they did not change it. Though it did look good straightened out, she rocks the perm. I also amor her eye color, very stunning aqua color. Her outfit is pretty cool as well, she is the only one of the Trix to wear a dress, and the only witch with the guts to wear a pinkish color. Her mini-boots were also pretty stylish. I also liked her non-witch outfit, I really don't know how to describe it, but it looked really cool.

2. Mirta - I all around amor Mirta's fashion sense so I'll start there. Her combat boots, super cool. I own a similar pair, I like how she added the red socks, it works with the boots. amor the saia and studded belt, I'd amor to own it. And the abóbora t-shirt ripped at the sleeves is both cute, but says 'hey, I'm a witch' at the same time, adding the mini jaqueta thing was also a good idea. Hairstyle, super cute; I had my hair done like that, don't know how she manages it so well. I also amor her freckles, really cute and unique to her character.

1. Icy - Pretty sure everyone knew this was coming, but I shall continue anyhow. I'll start with her hair because I amor it so much; it takes true talent to maintain hair that long, when I was in elementary I had hair down to my butt, knots knots and mais knots, my mom ended up chopping most of it off. So props to her for being able to manage such long hair. Also amor it's icy blue color very perfect for her character. Moving on to eyes, once again amor the color, very pretty shade of blue. Not to dark not to light. Her eye shape is also very amazing to me, her eye shape gives her a mais evil look, one that is essential to her character. A lot of people criticize the amount of eye shadow she wears in her witch form, I for one really like it; the shade of blue really makes her eyes pop due to the contrast. Plus I just amor the color too. Her eye make up is what gives her the longer Egyptian-style eyelashes (if you know what I mean) is a really nice touch. I also like what they did with her eye shadow in disenchantix form. I'm gonna kind of work my way down. This is probably gonna sound a bit odd, but I do like her nose shape, I am so glade they didn't give her a super pointy nose or a long one like the stereotypical witch. Lips; I am quit fond of that shade of rosa, -de-rosa it does her well. I also (and this is really the only thing I like in season 5) like how in her dark sirenix form she wears dark blue lipstick. I've been wanting to see that since season 1. As for clothing for her witch form (pardon my lazy) I am going to copy from my Winx 30 dia challenge on tumblr; I like her season 1 transformation because it’s probably one of the last reminisces of the good old days of Winx when the characters were in character and when they were still in school. Every other character (but she Darcy and Stormy) obtained newer girlyer outfits as Icy’s stayed the same. I’ll admit at first that really annoyed me, now I think it’s for the best. seguinte thing we know Icy could be wearing a frilly rosa, -de-rosa dress. So I’ll take her first transformation. It’s simple and unique (none of the other characters wear a genuine one piece outfit, so props to Icy for individuality) and it’s my favorito color. The cape, is also a nice touch, none of the other characters have a really cool cape. And lastly the lack of wings is a plus for me, Icy ain’t need no girly wings to fly! The big in-your-face, overly sparkly wings blind me. The Winx girls should've kept it simple, but that's another matter. Once again I'm gonna copy my 30 challenge for her non-witch from; This outfit is probably my favorito of all the outfits. Once again used to get mad that her cloths stayed the same, now I’m just glad she’s not wearing a girly dress. I might sound repetitive here, but I amor the simplicity of her outfit. It’s not insanely glittery or overly decorated. But the simple diamond cinto, correia gives it all the spice it needs to be a pretty outfit. On topo, início of that her outfit really suits her personality; the light blue shades express her snowy powers. And the simple diamonds indicate that Icy herself is tough like the gems on her cinto, correia but also (in my personal opinion) very beautiful like those jewels. Another thing I like a lot was that diamond choker, if she actually existed I would try to steal it and then get gravely wounded once I got caught. I am so upset that this outfit hasn't been shown yet in season 5. Making things simple her gloomix was simple but served it's purpose, she was the only character to sport a glowing necklace, very interesting. Disenchantix wasn't my favorito because she looked like she was supposed to be at a beach, but working past that I really loved the lacy shawl. And lastly the dark sirenix; I had a strange obsession with 3 animais prior to seeing it--dogs, bats, and octopuses. No one shall ever understand how unnaturally excited I was when Icy's sirenix was an octopus. Thank you Icy for sprouting tentecals you filled that part of my life with some awkward joy!

That's pretty much all I have to say, thanks for reading. This is my first topo, início 5 prettiest article.
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Song por shakira feat. rihanna ,
album : Shakira

Tecna and Timmy Song FF One shot

Tecna and Timmy relationship is at the edge of danger. Timmy cheated him many times and Tecna forgave him thousands of time but everything is not the same as before so while in a party Tecna was cantar and realised what to do ahead.

I left a note on my bedpost, Said not to repeat yesterday's mistakes
What I tend to do when it comes to you, I see only the good, selective memory

Another time! He cheated me another time and convinced me too. I don’t know I feel so attracted towards him, last time again, I said him...
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Flora’s POV

I flew towards the helicopter and only inches before I was about to stand in it, a fogo appeared. I wasn’t about to let that stop me. I fly in ignoring Musa still yelling for me to come back.
I land and see all the fire. I quickly look around to see if anyone’s here but I don’t see anyone. I start to fly away but I hear someone yell,
“Help!” I turn back and look again. In the very back I see a little girl waving her arms and yelling.
I fly back and see she’s stuck, the seatbelt was stuck.
“Please, help me. It won’t come undone!” She yelled. I nod and try to pull...
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The Scene
The winx, specialists and the extra crew were surprised por the presence of Lydia and Darko behind them. None of the said a word. Each breath was SO quiet you could hear a fly pee on cotton.

“Did you idiots think it would be that easy?” Lydia laughs while folding her arms. No one said anything.
“Because I can assure you, you’ll have to try much harder than that to trick us.” She continued.
“You should be punished for it.” Darko adds.
“Then do it, what the hell are you waiting for? You’re already going to destroy millions of innocent lives I don’t see what’s stopping...
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