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 Carl Grimes
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Fight the Dead. Fear the Living
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Os Mortos-Vivos
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This Os Mortos-Vivos arte dos fãs might contain tirar chapéu de aba, chapéu da borda do snap, chapéu de aba snap, fedora, chapéu de feltro, homburg, stetson, mole, trilby, feltro, chapéu de campanha, and chapéu da campanha.

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Here is my personal death predictions for Season 6. Those aren't deaths that I want to happen, but deaths I think will happen.

I have some characters that I'm sure will die. Others that I think might die. And some that I wish they die. Here's my list. Feel free to comment your opinion. Just please stay nice. If you disagree, it's totally fine, but there's no need to cadela, puta about me or insult me. Thanks.

*All of the pictures on this artigo were edited por me, so don't use them without crediting me, please*


When: Probably in episode 2, 3 or 4. Early on into the...
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