This is a bit old, and probably irrelevant because we're so much further in the story now, but I decided to go ahead a write this anyways.

During season 4B, it was the first time our core group got separated and scattered everywhere. But what is interesting is that the entire 8 episodes focused on five specific relationships and the nature of all of these relationships is completely different.

The most obvious and easy relationship to develop is a romantic one. Here, it was giving to Sasha and Bob.

Sasha and Bob started off as two regular individual, Bob having an obvious interest in Sasha and her not so much. Bob was able to change her mind during their time stuck together, but it only ended in tragedy. Typical.

Sasha & Bob, 4x13, Alone

Then, we had a huge focus on Michonne and Carl developing a close bond, like she found another son and he found another mom. It was cute, you have to admit it. She told him stuff she had never told anyone before, and he did the same. And in the end, she's with Rick now, so she really is like his new mom. All works just fine.

Carl & Michonne, 4x15, Us

We also had Daryl and Beth, pretty much always arguing and annoying each other the whole time they were together. Exactly like a brother and a sister do. Daryl being the annoyed big brother that has to put up with his annoying little sister's caprices, but ends up doing it anyway to please her, because a brother still likes his sister, even if she gets on his nerve.

Though, on some occasions, Daryl acted like a father reprimanding his teenage daughter too. And they are the pairing that got the less focus, as they got separated really fast and are the only pairing that actually got separated.

Daryl & Beth, 4x12, Still

We also had the awkward Carol and Tyreese. It was awkward mostly because we all knew that Carol was the one who killed Karen and Tyreese still had no clue of that. But they still developed a pretty close bond and he ended up forgiving her. Later on, he was seen really accepting what she did and protecting her, not holding any grudges. Who would've thought two people would bond over something as weird as that? Odd indeed.

Kinda disappointed that they didn't show Carol's reaction to Tyreese's death. They were so close, and the writers completely discarded it.

Carol & Tyreese, 4x14, The Grove

Last, but not least, Glenn met Tara. We could also see this relationship as "Friends with the Enemy", as both were on opposite sides of the prison war, but I prefer to call them alter-egos, because Tara didn't really wanna be part of the war.

Glenn and Tara are really alike, so much that they are basically the same character, but a male and a female version. Glenn is too nice to just leave her there, even though she is the "enemy" and Tara feels so guilty, she'd do anything to help him find Maggie. They are both really loyal and have the same principles, that's why it was so easy for them to become really close really fast. He wouldn't leave her behind in that tunnel and risked his life to save her and he lied to the others for her. And they also both brought levity to the show.

Glenn & Tara, 4x15, Us

Another little thing is that every pairing but one has one of them dead now.

What do you think of these relationship?
Do you have a favorite? Do you dislike them.
Am I being irrelevant?
Let me know!