Before the season starts back seguinte week, I will make my review of the first half of season 7. Let's recap what went on in those eight episodes, shall we?

Season 7 Promo

First of all, the premiere was good, but they stretch the deaths scene way too much, the audience had already waited 7 long months to finally find out who Negan killed and they still decided to only show us halfway through the episode. Another bad decision on the writers' part. People were already pissed and they were able to piss them even more. Good job! Especially since 95% of the viewers had already figured out it was Abraham, so just show us already and get it over with!

Like I said in my anterior review, Glenn's death would've been a bigger surprise had they killed Abraham in the finale, because people wouldn't have expected it. Also, Nicotero had ruin that twist a couple of months back por saying that there was multiple deaths. Great job dude!

Ok, now that this is out of the way, I actually loved that they did Glenn's death frame por frame like the comics, because it was epic and perfect in the comics, it wouldn't have been as good had they not made it identical, also it was a great homage to the fonte material and to Glenn himself, because like Yeun said, it wouldn't have felt right to have someone else get that death. It belonged to Glenn and him only. I am still really sad that he's gone, because he's always been a favorito of mine, but I'd rather him get an epic death rather than a shitty one.

I thought that the fact that they kept cutting between Rick and Negan's cat-and-mouse game and the flashback of what happened was actually really anti-climactic.

The scene where Negan forced Rick to cut Carl's hand was really well done, and I tip my hat to lincoln in that scene! I've seen a lot of people calling it over acting, but I don't think it was, he acted exactly the way I imagine a father being force to harm his own child in that way would react. Also, it was the first time ever that we saw Rick being completely destroyed and dominated, which was really interesting to see, very different. And I loved the little reference to two things from the comics in that scene. The first one being that Rick gets his hand cut off in the fonte material. The segundo being that the first draft of the Glenn's death for the comic book was that Rick was forced to Lucille Glenn himself or Negan was gonna kill Carl and Rick did it. But in the end Kirkman decided to change it to what actually happened. He thought that even for TWD it was too intense and gory.

The only thing I really hated in that episode was Negan taunting Rosita with Lucille full of Abraham's blood. I thought it was really appalling.

Abraham, 7x01, The dia Will Come When You Won't Be

I'm glad that they chose to show the Kingdom in the segundo episode, it let us breathe a bit after the emotional premiere and actually laugh too. That episode was great and light and I'm really happy that Carol made me laugh instead of cry for a change. I loved her attitude throughout the episode, she was really great. "There's LUNCH cobbler?? *gasp*", that line was epic!

I'm happy that they actually did Shiva, I was afraid they'd choke and decide to not have her on the show and she really looks great! I was also afraid it'd be bad CGI, but they did a good job. Ezekiel is really great too and I amor the addition of Gerry!

Ezekiel & Shiva, 7x02, The Well

I have mixed feelings about the third episode I really loved seeing mais of Dwight and see the Sanctuary, but I hated seeing Daryl that way... The thing I hated the most was the fact that they let him be naked for a couple of days before giving him clothes. It was just humiliating, especially knowing how Daryl isn't comfortable with people seeing his body. And that damn song!! I couldn't take it anymore! Poor Daryl.

Daryl & Dwight, 7x03, The Cell

I amor that everything Negan related is pretty much identical to the fonte material. Almost all of his lines are straight from the comics, minus the fucks. I don't have much to say about the fourth episode, I liked it *shrugs*.

Negan & Rick, 7x04, Service

Glad to see Jesus. Can't stand Gregory, but to see him cower in front of Simon was so great! I still don't really care about Maggie, so this episode was pretty meh. Other than Jesus, the best parts were of Carl and Enid. It was an unexpected cuteness. I liked the rollerskating scene. And I really loved Jesus' face when he saw Carl in the furgão, van at the end!

Simon & Gregory, 7x05, Go Getters

I really really enjoyed Tara's episode. First I was happy to see her again, and second, it was really interesting to see a community with only women, it was different and I liked that. But most of all, I really missed Tara and I'm glad she's back and well, even though she lost her girlfriend and her best friend while she was gone. This is the segundo time it happens to her, first time she was knocked out and didn't know about Noah.... Damn writers, stop it with the emotional torture!

Tara, 7x06, Swear

I LOVED seeing Carl and Negan's relationship, I couldn't wait for it to happen and it so didn't disappoint! It was great and interesting. It has always been one of my favorito relationships from the fonte material and so far they are doing it justice in the TV version. What I like the most in their relationship is that Negan is able to see in Carl what Rick refuses to see and it's just so great! Carl has a darkness in him and only Negan sees it.

Carl & Negan, 7x07, Sing Me a Song

The midseason finale was really good! I LOVED the tension between Negan and Spencer. It was so thick that you could cut it with a knife. And the death was great too, and just perfect, with the speech that came with it.

I was a bit sad about Olivia, I kind liked her (and so did Negan lol). Wasn't mad about Rosita's outburst, mais like scared because I thought she was gonna die for like 2 seconds. I really don't like the fact that Negan took Eugene, because protecting Eugene is my job and I failed lol. I am really intrigued at how it's going to play out and I actually can't wait to see how the scenes between those two will play out too, but I still don't like it at the same time.

I'm glad Daryl made it out, but I was really disappointed to not see his "reunion" with Maggie. I would've like that way mais than seeing his reunion with Rick to be honest. Because the one thing that Daryl is worried about is if Maggie will ever forgive him (as per Reedus). Because he believes it's his fault that Glenn died and that she lost her husband and the father of her child and to see her being happy to see him back would have had a bigger emotional impact in my opinion. To see her happy and not angry and to see Daryl relieved of this. But no, they had to go with the bromance instead *sigh*. Whatever writers, you passed once again a chance of having a really beautiful scene. Dummies!

Eugene & Negan, 7x08, Hearts Still Beating

Overall, I think the first half of the season was really great. And I can't wait to see Team Family at the Kingdom and them seeing Carol and morgan again. Family reunion!

So what did you guys think of the first half?
Was it good? Bad? Awesome? Terrible?
Let me know!