Now that we have four communities and not just one, it's inevitable that Team Family will eventually separate and not all live at the same place. They'll each chose the community they like better to live in.

This is a really short artigo with my predictions on who I think will live where.


I think most of Team Family will actually stay at Alexandria, because they're already installed and they feel comfortable there.

Of course, Rick, Carl and Michonne will stay there. Rick is the leader and Carl and Michonne are his immediate family, so there's no doubt about those three.

Eugene, Rosita and Tara, I'm pretty sure will stay there. Those three will always stick together and they are well where they are. They never showed any signs that they could be moving.

Gabriel will stay there also, I don't see him moving. He has a church, he's happy where he is.


I think Maggie will mover to the Hilltop, like she did in the comics. It's better for her, less memories of Glenn, and there's an actual doctor, which is important when you're pregnant. But even after giving birth (if she does), she'll stay there. New beginning.

I think Sasha will mover there with her as well. She needs a new beginning too. Like Maggie, she pretty much lost everyone she ever cared about and loved. Their friendship will probably grow mais too.

I think Enid will mover at the Hilltop too, to take care of Maggie. Enid is clearly really fond of Maggie and I think she's taking Sophia's story from the comics. I don't know what this means for her and Carl though, we shall see.


morgan was already talking about going back início to Alexandria, but I think in the end, he'll actually stay at the Kingdom. He fits really well there, I think Ezekiel is looking for some sort of confident, trusted people for his small council. The fact that he already told morgan about his deal with the Saviors is speaking volume of his respect for him, even if he barely knows him.

Carol was very clear about the fact that she didn't wanna stay at Alexandria. She needs space. She needs to do her own thing. Right now she's not staying at the Kingdom, but she's staying close, until she heals herself. She healed physically, now she needs to heal emotionally/mentally. Once she does that, I think she'll mover to the Kingdom instead of going back to Alexandria. Also, same thing as with Morgan, Ezekiel is already looking for a confident in her as well. I think she'll eventually be part of his small council.

I'll make another artigo with my predictions for Daryl, but I think he'll end up at the Kingdom as well. First, por accident, but I think he'll stay there. (Look out for my artigo about how and why. Coming soon!)

Alright, so that's pretty much it. Those are my predictions on where I think Team Family will end up. Told you it was going to be short.

What do you guys think?