As you all know, the official character portraits for season 7 were released a couple of days atrás and they are completely different from what they've done before.

First, they are completely red, usually they are pretty much desaturated or plain black and white like last season.

I get that the red refers to Negan and Lucille and the bloody kills that will occur in the premiere. But they still got my interest. Because usually, on the character portraits, the characters pretty much all kinda look alike. But not here. In these, they all have different facial expressions. I know nothing is ever done for nothing when it comes to The Walking Dead, so I know it means something.

I decided to take a look at them closely and this is what I came up with. This will be a short article. I'm not going in depth here, just some little things I can see.

Before you read this, you might want to read my link article. Because I'll be referring to it a lot in this article.

Here we go.

Let's start with the three that pop the most, in my opinion. Abraham, Glenn & Spencer. Funny enough, they are the three characters I think (know) are going to die this season.

Abraham: See how his portrait is way darker than the rest of them. Interesting. I think it's because he's the first one to die right when the season starts back. Well, technically, he's already dead, because he died in the season 6 finale in the pov shot.

Glenn: Glenn has no emotions on his. Which is really odd, given that it's Glenn, one of the most sensible member of the family. Also, the way the red is displayed on his face looks like blood is dripping, but from the side. From a bashed head probably. Something like link[/b]

Spencer: Spencer looks scared shitless on his portrait. He looks completely terrified. And kinda sad at the same time. That's probably the emotion you go through when you're getting killed in a slow way and you know you're dying and there's no way out, which I think will happen to him.

Michael Cudlitz as Abraham / Steven Yeun as Glenn / Austin Nichols as Spencer

Next. Let's take a look at the three persons that will be the most affected por the double killing.

Maggie: She looks catatonic. I mean, that's probably what you would feel like if you had to watch your husband getting his head smashed in right in front of you. I would go catatonic too. But she also looks hardened, which would be logical and interesting for her.

Rosita: She looks terrible. She looks so beaten up. Abraham's death will be hard on her I feel. She just looks destroyed. I think we're in for an emotional torture with her character.

Eugene: Eugene looks devastated. He did just lose his best friend and brother. Other than Rosita, he was the person the most important to him. This is going to be hard on him as well.

Lauren Cohan as Maggie / Christian Serratos as Rosita / Josh McDermitt as Eugene

Now let's take a look at our main leaders and Michonne.

Rick: He looks completely done. He looks defeated, which he is, and done. He looks like a man ready to just bow down to Negan.

Carl: Does it surprise us that Carl looks like he doesn't give a shit at all? No. Not at all. Just one quick look at him and Negan already read him as a future serial killer and we all know that is completely possible. Carl knows almost mais about this world than he does the old one, it's almost normal for him to not feel a thing at this point.

Michonne: Interestingly, Michonne looks like she's about to give up. I'm so not saying she will, just that she looks done and over with everything. I don't know what it means for her future.

Andrew Licoln as Rick / Chandler Riggs as Carl / Danai Gurira as Michonne

Moving on to three other main characters.

Carol: Carol looks so serious here. She looks way different than she does in the trailer. Also, she doesn't know about the killings yet, so I don't know if this portrait refers to her before or after the killings, but I have a feeling it's before. She doesn't know about Glenn, all she knows is that she's stuck in a weird place, with a man she doesn't even like. I do have a feeling it's going to be hard on her when she does learn about Glenn, he's one of the first person she met in this world.

Daryl: Daryl looks completely defeated. Which would go with my theory of him getting captured. Two of his family members got kill in front of him and then he gets captured por the man who killed them? That's gotta be hard. I don't know what he'll do at the Sanctuary, if he's going to be a slave or something. We'll see, but Daryl's is definitely going through a rough patch.

Negan: Of course, different from everyone else, Negan looks completely gleeful. Why wouldn't he? He has all of these people bowing down to him and afraid of him.

Melissa McBride as Carol / Norman Reedus as Daryl / Jeffrey Dean morgan as Negan

seguinte three.

Morgan: He looks like he's about to cry. About what? No idea. But he looks like a sad man. He's probably still trying to heal Carol or something. morgan is supposed to be smiling a lot this season, according to Lennie James, so I don't know what the sadness is about. He didn't even know Glenn & Abraham, so I really don't know.

Tara: She looks stunned and devastated at the same time. I already know I won't be able to deal with her reaction when she learns about both Denise & Glenn. This is going to be really hard.

Dwight: He looks pissed off. He looks frustrated. If they follow his comic storyline, I think I know why he's pissed. He wants to get free from Negan, but he can't. Interesting story coming for him I hope!

Lennie James as morgan / Alanna Masterson as Tara / Austin Amelio as Dwight

The last three.

Sasha: Interesting enough, she doesn't look all that sad. You'd think Abraham would hit her, but it doesn't seem so. She looks wary. I think she might put her walls back up. She had let them down because of Abraham and now that he's gone, they're back up.

Aaron: He just looks done too. I don't have a lot to say about him, because he was barely in season 6, we don't know a lot about him still. But he looks done, defeated and saddened. Maybe I'm right and Eric does die this season.

Gabriel: He looks..... Oddly stoic.... It's kinda weird. You'd think he'd be crying or scared or something. But nope. Nothing.... I wonder where they're going with his character. I hope they make him interesting. He already did a couple of interesting things in the last season, hopefully it keeps going that way.

Sonequa Martin-Green as Sasha / Ross Marquand as Aaron / Seth Gilliam as Gabriel

We're in for a looooooot of emotional tortures this season. Prepare yourselves and watch the show with a tissue box guys, it's gonna be a bumpy ride!

What do you think about the new portraits?

Now I just need to say that I am very very pissed jesus doesn't have one! Rant over.