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diários do vampiro who do you think Damon sleeps with?

46 fans picked:
No body, becuse he loves Elena
Somebody else
 ElenalovesDamon posted over a year ago
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xDenYsaDenYx picked Rebecca:
Well Nina said that is a vampire that we are used too.So it can't be somebody else.Caroline spend the night with Klaus(promo pics) and Matty is there also(bts pics) and after all that happened with her and her dad Caroline will better be dead than sleep with Damon again(Forwood<3). Katerina can't be there because she said she will put 1000 miles between her and Klaus(and how can someone find and invite her?).And if she would try to appear as Elena Elijah will sense that she's not human(you know the whole smell thing and i saw in the promo they spend time together).Ian said Damon will sleep with someone so it can't be "Nobody, because he loves Elena".Rebekah's hair was all messed up in 3x15 promo pics so it's obvious her.
posted over a year ago.
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TayTay0111 picked Katherine:
KATHERINE cause 1864 dah
posted over a year ago.
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