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This diários do vampiro fotografia contains naco, pedaço, hunk, pele, tom de pele, cor de pele, nudez parcial, desnudez implicada, skintone, nude colorido, nudez implícita, and cor nude. There might also be six pack, abs, ab crack, apartamento estômago, seis pack, flat estômago, seis pack abs, ab rachadura, and barriga lisa.

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I swear I don't have any idea how this happened. I'm composição literária it down on the notebook I begged Damon to get for me, because I think I'm going crazy. The last mês has been one of the most terrifying I have ever gone through. I should have never gotten in the damn car. I shall write until I die, and this notebook shall probably be destroyed... but if it isn't I heed you to take my advise. Stay away from the vampires.
“Damon” I whispered, too quietly for anyone of the surrounding persons to hear. The música had slowed to a deep...
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The Vampire Diaries fã Fiction

Please note that this isn't to harm the show itself or to discredit the writers and producers of the series. I hereby state that this show isn't of my original idea and that this is only a fanfiction or fã made reboot of the series. If anything this is mais for the fun of composição literária and entertainment purposes.


Starring: Nina Dobrev, Ian Somerholder, Paul Wesley

Location: Woods

“For over a century, I lived in secret,” Stefan says as he writes in his journal. The ink bleed along the paper that formed his very words as he spoke but he stopped....
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