diários do vampiro Best Word to Describe Contest - Round 11 - Klaus

VMars4ever posted on Jul 09, 2010 at 02:35AM
I've seen this game in a few spots lately so I thought it might be fun to do this here since there are so many Vampire Diaries fans!
It's very simple, you just have to describe the character that I give you in 1-5 ('the', 'of', 'a', 'and' do not count) words. After four or five days and at least five options, I'll make a pick with everyone's participation and then we'll choose who the winner is!

2 important rules:

- You can only give 1 entry for each character
- You don't say mean things about characters you don't like. This is a fansite. If you hate the character then just don’t say anything at all!

The Winners List
link Deeply troubled hearthrob; link
link Mistress of an Eternal Mistake; link
link Lovable, Caring Aunt; link
link The All American Boy; link
link Deeper than a kiddie pool; link
link St Stefan denying his darkness; link
link The Big Bad Wolf; link
link More than just the Doppelganger; link
link Badass Vampire Hunter; link
link link
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