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Tyler was walking in the Grill with two beers in his hand to Caroline. Matt was standing at the pool mesa, tabela with a billiard cue in his hand, staring at Caroline. But when Caroline waved he pretended not to see her and continued his game.
“What’s the deal with you two?” Tyler asked when he got to Caroline and gave her a beer.
“Honestly? I have no idea” Caroline sighed. “He broke up with me, because of all that was going on, but lately he’s been giving me mixed signals. Or maybe I’m just crazy”
Tyler looked at Matt, but he ignored him as well.
“Do you want him to want you back?”...
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Jeremy walked back to Alaric and Elena. “Are we ready to go?”
They nodded and turned around. Damon was standing a few yards away from him. “I’ll be right back” Elena said. She walked his way, but then he turned around and walked away. Elena held her steps and let her arms hang alongside her body, trying to andorinha the crop in her throat and fighting the tears.
Damon walked around the corner and bumped into Bonnie.
“I’m sorry” Bonnie said, but Damon ignored her and walked further. “Damon, wait!” she ran to him and walked in front of him, looking at him.
“What do you want?”...
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The Cemetery
Alaric, Elena and Jeremy were standing before Jenna’s grave.
“I’m sorry it took me so long to get here, Jenna” Alaric said soft.
“Yeah, now you’re here”
Jeremy, who was the only one who heard it, startled and looked up. Jenna was sitting on her grave and winked at him.
“Are you alright, Jer?” Elena asked frowning and looking at her younger brother.
“Yeah, yeah” Jeremy said quickly. He stared at the stone, but Jenna was gone. Then he heard someone whistle and he looked around. Jenna was standing a few yards away from them.
“Jeremy, what are you looking at?”...
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“You sure you’re okay with this?”
Alaric had offered to live with Elena and Jeremy and they had accepted. “It’s not too weird or anything?”
“No, Ric, you’re mais than welcome” Jeremy said.
“What about you, Elena? Are you okay with it?” Alaric asked.
Elena was busy with her phone, so she didn’t hear Ric. “Eh, what? Yeah, sure, no problem”
“Who’re you taxing?” Jeremy asked.
“Damon” Elena said. “He won’t answer any of my calls, so I hope he’ll reply to my messages”
“He’s avoiding you?” Ric asked surprised.
“Seems like it” Elena said. “I don’t...
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Damon was packing his bags when Stefan walked in.
“What are you doing?”
“Packing my bags, if you didn’t notice” Damon replied.
“Why? Where you going?” Stefan asked.
“I don’t know. I haven’t decided yet” Damon said.
“I don’t get it” Stefan said. Without turning around Damon started to explain. “I’ve always known you hate me, but I didn’t know it was that bad. If you really loathe me that much you could’ve said so and I might’ve left”
“No, I don’t want you to leave” Stefan said. “I just…”
“You just wanted someone to drive a stake through my heart....
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It was the seguinte morning. Bonnie slowly opened her eyes. She saw a silhouette sitting seguinte to her bed, but her view was too blurry to see who it was.
After a minuto or three the room became sharper and Bonnie could see who the visitor was. She looked Caroline afraid in the eyes.
“Hi” Caroline said soft.
“Hi” Bonnie said hoarse and shy. “How long have I been here?”
“About 24 hours” Caroline answered. Bonnie nodded. “How, eh, how’s Elena doing?...And Damon?” she asked careful.
“They’re okay, considering what happened” Caroline said. “They’re dealing with it”
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Police cars were parked in front of the hospital in such way they wouldn’t block the ambulances driving in.
“I’m going in” sheriff Forbes said. She had been informed about who the target was and knowing Damon’s a vampire she decided it best to have a chat with him herself.
“What the hell?” Elena said from inside the car. “What are all these people doing here?”
“They don’t know about Damon” Stefan said. “They must think he’s just some lunatic who’s lost it”
Elena saw how Liz put something in her inside pocket. “She has a stake” she said scared. “She’ll try...
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“What do you mean, he’s gone?”
Elena told Stefan Damon was gone and so was Katherine.
“I mean he’s not here anymore” Elena said nervous. “He’s left…with Katherine” she added a little bitter.
“Maybe he’s with Ric” Stefan tried to reassure her. “They haven’t been able to talk since…the events”
Elena took her phone and dialed Alaric’s number. When he didn’t pick up immediately she got angry. “Goddamn it, Ric, pick up your freaking-”
“Ric!” Elena said.
“Is something wrong?” Alaric asked. Dumb question, if nothing was wrong Elena wouldn’t...
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Damon was standing in front of the hospital. He didn’t want to do this, but he had to. Katherine was right, Bonnie would try it again when she woke up. And so he opened the door and entered the hospital.
His eyes went through the building. A young, male intern walked passed him with a clipboard, taking notes.
Damon grabbed his arm. The boy didn’t see him and Damon whispered in his ear: “I need you to take me to Bonnie Bennett”
“I can’t do that” the boy said scared. “I’m just an intern, I don’t have that authority”
“Then bring me to someone who does have that authority”...
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A couple of hours later
Elena was lying in Damon’s arms, when the door opened and Stefan and Katherine appeared in the doorway.
“Damon? Can I talk to you” Katherine asked careful. Damon nodded, but prevented Elena from leaving. “In private?”
“It’s okay, Damon” Elena sighed and she freed herself from his hold. “I’ll be back” she said with a faint smile. She walked away from the cama and followed Stefan outside.
“Elena, I’m sorry” Stefan said.
“Not now, Stefan” Elena said.
“Yes, now” Stefan said. “I know you hate me and you have every right to. You should hate...
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“Before I kill you there are a few things you have to know” Bonnie rolled him on his back with her feet. “You’re evil. You’re a worthless, useless waste of space. You’re not even worth spitting on. You’re a monster. You’re a sinner and for your sins you have to make amends”
She walked around him pouring water over him and Damon knew what was to come. But this time he did not have the strength nor the courage to try and prevent it.
Bonnie looked at Damon and set him on fire. The flames started at his feet and searched their way to his chest. Damon rolled over the floor, but instead...
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Bonnie woke up and a bright light hurt her eyes, so she covered them. She looked around and learned she was in the hospital. She climbed of the cama and stared upon her own unconscious body.
“What’s going on?” she asked, not expecting a reply.
However, she did get one.
“You’re in coma”
Bonnie’s breathing went faster when she recognized the voice. “Grams?” she called.
Sheila appeared. Bonnie wanted to go to her, but she raised her hand and stopped her. “I’m not here for a family reunion” she said cold. “I’m here in name of the Bennett witches. You’ve seriously screwed...
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The hospital
“I’m fine” Jeremy said for the seventh time. Caroline had brought him to the hospital, along with Bonnie.
“I think I should make that decision, don’t you think?” the doctor said. It was the same that had taken care of his hand. “Now, will you please lay down so I can check if you have any broken ribs?”
Jeremy reluctantly lay down on the hospital cama and pulled up his shirt, like the doctor had asked him.
“Does this hurt?” she asked, pressing the right side of his stomach. Jeremy shook his head. “And this?”
“Oww!” Jeremy exclaimed.
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Caroline and Tyler watched Bonnies house collapse to the ground and they ran towards it.
Jeremy was stuck underneath the bricks and Tyler helped him out. “Are you okay? You need to go to the hospital?”
But Jeremy shook his head. “Elena and Damon are still down there”
Damon was still lying on topo, início of Elena. She gently pushed him off of her. “Look, the fogo stopped” she said. “Jeremy must’ve pulled it off” A whiff of pride was heard in her voice, but Damon didn’t reply.
“Did you hear what I just said?” Elena asked frustrated. “We’re seguro now. Jeremy killed...
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They accelerated their steps, but Damon was heavy to carry and the fogo was catching up with them.
“Damon, please, try to walk faster” Jeremy said. His neck and shoulders hurt.
“I can’t” Damon said weak. He braked.
“Damon, what are you doing?” Elena sighed. Her shoulders hurt too.
“I can’t” Damon repeated. “You have to leave me here. I’m holding you up”
“Shut up, Damon” Elena said, having no mercy. She forced him to keep walking.
“I’m going to get you killed” Damon said.
“Well, we’ll have to die someday” Elena said, atuação careless, but she couldn’t hide...
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Caroline and Tyler dropped on the ground. They looked up and discovered they were outside. A red glow enlightened the scene and the sun was slowly rising.
“Good thing Bonnie gave him back his ring” Tyler said.
“Can you please not say that name?” Caroline asked. “I don’t want to think about what she got me involved into, let alone hear her name, especially not from you”
Tyler took her hand and nipped it softly. “I’m sorry’
“ ‘s Okay” Caroline said, treating him with a little smile.
“Ehm, shouldn’t they have come out por now?” Tyler asked looking at Bonnies house.
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Bonnie walked towards Elena, lifted her por her hair and slapped her in the face. “That’s for hitting me”
“Bonnie!” Caroline exclaimed.
“It’s okay, Caroline” Elena said fixating her eyes on Bonnie. “She can slap me all she wants, if it means she’ll keep her hands off of Damon”
When Damon saw his girl was being hurt something inside of him snapped. He tried to get up, but couldn’t and so Tyler helped him stand up.
“Why don’t you attack her?” he hissed. “You have fangs, remember?”
Damon ignored him and pushed him away. He staggered towards Bonnie, knowing she could...
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“Katherine!” Stefan shouted. “Let me out of here!”
Katherine had locked him up in the cellar, hoping the vervain would keep him weak until Elena and Damon came back. But unfortunately vervain didn’t seem to have the same effect on Stefan as it used to. Probably due to the massive amount of blood he drank daily, openly and secretly, he recovered from the attack sooner than the average vampire. “You know, you’re really one to talk” Stefan said. “You seduced him, led him on, made him believe you loved him, screwed his brother-well, he knew that, but still-almost got him to commit...
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“You shouldn’t have come here” Damon said nervous. “Go away”
“I will” Elena said. “With you. Can you get up?”
Damon shook his head. “I have to stay here…I have to make amends”
Elena frowned. “What are you talking about? Just get up and come with me. And please open your eyes”
Damon shook his head again. “I can’t open them. It hurts too much” he said a little ashamed. But Elena didn’t listen and pushed his eyelids up. She regretted it immediately.
“What has she done?” she asked shocked.
“Vervain” Caroline said.
“Why doesn’t he heal?” Elena asked.
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After what felt like hours they managed to dig a whole big enough to jump in. The moment Elena landed on the ground, which was pretty low, her phone rang. “Now what?” she said agitated. She looked at the screen. “Not now, Ric” she mumbled in herself and she pressed decline. It was then she saw she had two messages on her voicemail and Damon had tried to call her. She listened to the latest one. “Oh, shut up, Damon, you’re not going to die” she said with a fierce determination. Then she listened to the segundo one. She let out a cry, grasped her throat and dropped her phone.
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