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Klaus was standing in the center of the parking lot, staring in the distance, waiting for his spy to come back with the doppelganger. He had no intention in killing her rightaway. Not if there was a chance both Salvatores would come to her rescue and could witness her death. That would be beyond his imagination.
He heard some struggling and understood they were back.
“Excellent timing” he slowly said when Amber dropped Elena before his feet. “Please, be a little careful with our special guest”
Amber shrugged. “She’s just a human. She doesn’t matter”
“You were human, not so long ago” Klaus said soft. “Have you forgotten all about it already?”
“My parents threw me out and my sister treats me like a child. I can handle myself. I always have, in a way” Amber explained.
“It was not my purpose to dig into your mommy and daddy issues, but thank you so much for sharing” Klaus said sinister. He picked Elena up and pushed her in Ambers arms. “Tie her up”
Amber dragged Elena a little further from Klaus to a wooden pillar that was put there por Klaus’s alley’s. She pushed Elena against the pillar and picked up the rope that lay on the ground. She shrieked and dropped the rope. She looked over her shoulder at Klaus, who raised his hands and pulled his shoulders. Amber reluctantly ducked. She carefully touched the rope.
“Come on, we’re running out of time, love. Get it done, already” Klaus mocked.
Amber braced herself and grabbed the rope. The vervain burned her hands, but she tried to ignore it. As tears rolled over her cheeks, she tied Elena’s hands around the pillar.
“Make sure she can’t free herself” Klaus shouted.
Amber tightened the ropes, before heading back to Klaus.
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