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This the vampire diaries série de televisão arte dos fãs contains vela, cone, luz de cera, conicidade, cera, luz, luz de vela, fogo, chamas, inferno, and fogo. There might also be anime, banda desenhada, manga, desenhos animados, mangá, and quadrinhos.

what damon did:

1.damon feed elena his blood,so she can have a chance of coming back(even she doesn't want to come back as a vampire)but at least it's a shoot

2.damon made katherine tell him where klaus keept caroline & tyler

3.damon didn't kill matt even though he could have

4.damon saved both carloine & tyler

5.damon saved carloine yet again,when tyler attacked while he was turning,and got bitten in the process.

6.damon told carloine and matt to hide in a seguro place.

7.damon went to klaus welling and knowing that he will be either killed or sacrificed.

what stefan did:

1.stefan took elena for a walk

2.stefan colsed his eyes

3.stefan called damon for help,insted of trying to find where klaus took elena.

"i was trying to protect elena,i will always protect elena"-stefan

wow great job protecting her stefan por yet again doing NOTHING

so por the end of they dia who will save elena's life????
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 Official cover: Stefan's Diaries.
Official cover: Stefan's Diaries.
All right "Vampire Diaries" fanatics, get ready to add another book to your must-read-list. Most fãs of the show know that it was based off a novel, which told the story from Elena's point of view (it is her diary after all)! But now it looks like another major character is going to get his say.

According to EW, "The Stefan Diaries #1: Origins" will hit bookstands in November and focus on Stefan's relationship with Damon and Katherine. The books (yes, it's a trilogy!) should be especially exciting for fãs who amor "VD" flashback episodes because they are set during the Civil-War era.

Of course,...
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(This is a carefully thought out, highly logical backed up por facts, theory por a friend that I am posting here. All credits to her.)

Observation 1:

The first time the word traveler was mentioned with any amount of real significance was por Quetsia while she narrated her mortifying Silas backstory to Stefan. according to her in 05x03 Silas and her were the most powerful members of a gifted group of people called travelers. Silas manipulated and used Quetsia to create the immortality for Silas n her which he used for himself and Amara later. A really flipped out case Quetsia created one dose of...
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diários do vampiro
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diários do vampiro
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I was in my chambers, gazing at my oliva, verde-oliva coloured skin in the mirror, while brushing my luscious dark brown hair. These were traits I was fortunate enough to inherit from my mother as they did not run in my father's side of the family. Oh my mother. How I wished I had known her.

I didn't know much about her. Only that her name was Tatia Petrova and she had died when I was just a baby at the hands of my very own grandmother, a very powerful witch named Esther. Esther had wished to end the rivalry between two of her sons. For this reason she used my mother in a sacrifice ritual which transformed...
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