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The Unusuals Pergunta

Who wants this show back? We can make it happen!

"The Unusuals," was a great show that wasn't promoted, but when everyone finds it on Netflix On-Demand, they fall in amor with it!!
Shows like "Homicide: Life on the Streets," was cancelled after one season and spent two seasons off the air. But a dedicated composição literária campaign por the fãs brought it back. We can do the same with this great show!!! Less than five minutos of your time, and your voice will be heard! If you like Adam Goldberg, then you'll amor this quirky show. Contact ABC & let them know you want this show back!!! They have an easy to use contact form that takes no time at all. Let's fight against moronic programming and get real entertainment back on the air!!
 blondiee10 posted over a year ago
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