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"This is for you," Harold whispered to Bridgette. He handed her a note. It was written on light- blue paper, and folded up really small. Bridgette new it was from Izzy, her notes always looked like that.

"If you have an answer for her, send it yourself," Harold told Bridgette. "I don't want to get in trouble again."

Bridgette understood. Harold sat at the escrivaninha, mesa right between Izzy and Bridgette. He always wound up passing notes from girl to girl.

Yesterday Mrs. Derkman had caught Harold passing a note from Bridgette to Izzy, Harold had to write an apology letter to Mrs. Derkman.

Bridgette unfolded...
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This is like the "Katie Kazoo, Swtcheroo" Books, I just kinda made it TDI style...and there all in 3rd grade.

"I've got it! I've got it!"
The football soared right towards Bridgette Carew. She ran towards the ball, reached out her hands and...oomph! She missed it completely.

"You took your eyes off it again," Bridgette's best friend, Harold Fox, said, jogging up to her. He pushed his thin wire glasses higher up on his nose and ran his hands through his red hair.

"I know," Bridgette replied simply. What else could she say?
"Bridgette, I can't believe...
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posted by TDI_Lindsay
Here's some things about my new OC, Madison!

Name: Madison

Nicknames: Maddie, por friends.

Age: 14

Eye Color: Light Green

IQ: 194

Hair Color: Long, curly, brown.

Skin: Peachy

TDI Team: Screaming Gophers

Dislikes: Sharks, bullies, bugs, school, studying.

Crush: Duncan

Friends: Duncan, Noah, Geoff, Gwen, Bridgette, Izzy, Lindsay.

Favorite Music: Pop, Alternative Rock, and Rap.

Favorite Band: Evanescence

Elimination Reason: Justin and Heather convinced the team to vote her out, and they listened to them.

TDA Team: Killer Grips, she made it to the final 6.

TDM: She's an intern.

Advantages: Good eyesight, and good...
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