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posted by laura071197
He tries to understand Sookie´s situction so much:

-when she tells him the thing she loves the most about him is his silence, he doesnt get mad like someone else would do, because he knows what she means.

-when he arrives and sees Eric on topo, início of Sookie, and they r on topo, início of a car in the party she went to with him, because she had no other option when she couldnt go alone. He heard what she said, and he didnt said a thing about that to Her.

-he never fought about Sam or JB either, they were always behind her like dogs, asking her out, confusing her feelings around a little bit.

-he always help her and her family, he supported her after all she´s been through.

Everything he did was to protect her, even if that hurted himself, he´s so sweet.

Of Course she helped too, she did things to help him, she waited all dia to see him, and she stayed up all night to be with him, even if she was tired like hell.

True Love