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 Bart nakid
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He's rude, has no respect for adults, and makes his sister's life hell. But maybe Bart's not as
bad as you think...

1) He loves his sister

Bart once took the blame for Lisa when she roubou the teachers' handbooks -- just so she wouldn't ruin her school career. And when Bart got $500 in a court settlement, he used the money to buy a rare blues record for Lisa. And remember the time he said sorry to Lisa after making her cry at Thanksgiving? Aaaaah.

2) He's an animal lover

Bart went without comida to help pay for Santa's Little Helper's operation, and also rescued his cachorrinhos when Mr Burns tried to...
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20th Century raposa televisão
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o espaço Coyote, a talented female artist on deviantART created this very cool anime-ized version of the Simpsons. Here's a link to mais of link.
My topo, início Ten Simpson's Episodes. These are what I think are the best of the series.

10). Treehouse of Horror XI (Season 12)

The Simpson's exit their house in a Munster theme and are killed por an angry mob except for Lisa who whistles away. Homer dies from choking on brócolis and comes back as a ghost to do one good deed to get into heaven. Homer must rescue Bart and Lisa from a witch in a fairy tale way. Lisa lets a golfinho go free which rules Springfield with its golfinho sea friends.

9). Replaceable You (Season 23)

Homer's new coworker, Roz Davis, steals his job and makes it miserable for him. Meanwhile,...
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Homer sings his version of tubthumping
drinking tubthumping
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