I amor the show and have some ideas for new episodes. Give me your thoughts on these ideas!
A new face

Homer gets fired from the nuclear power plant after causing a near meltdown. In the quest for a new job he get hired at the local car wash, and loves it, until his old boss wants a car wash.
In the mean time Lisa finally gets sick of Bart's stupidness and ask Dr. frank to build her a devise that can make him smarter, only to discover that smarter is not always better!
Dr. Homer

After watching a movie about segundo world war, homer gets inspired to become a doctor, but get put up to a challenge when Marge falls of a ladder and gets a concussion. Unaware about Marge, Lisa, Bart and Maggie goes on a treasure-hunt after finding a old map in a hidden closet in the ally. Only to find out that they are not the only one that are after the treasure.
Ai Ai Love.

Homer buys a swimming pool just to find out that he is seasick. To deal with this he joins the sea captain on a fishing trip, only to find out that the Japanese has been there before. Homer therefore starts his own peixe war! At the same time Lisa get arrested for a computer she got as a gift. She ends up in jail, only to find out that it all was a trick from millhouse to like him.
And here is my special two part episode!
Who is to blame?

Part one.

Bart finally gets hooked on electronics and builds a laughingbeam that can make everyone laugh!
This of course effects principal skinner, which is under his yearly evaluation to continue as a principal. In the mean time Lisa goes with Apu to India to meet his parents, since Apu can't face them alone. Tings turn out bad when Lisa is reported missing, and it's up to Apu to find her!

Part two!

Principal Skinner is in a lot of trouble and things don't look so good for the job as principal. Bart on the other hand is determined to get principal skinner fired. But one step causes everything to turn.
Apu is having trouble finding Lisa. To deal with this he buys a flying carpet, and starts the competition "Find a child" and promises a reward. This makes the whole of India interested and soon Apu is having segundo thoughts! In the same time Lisa discover a hidden city and need to use all of her intelligence to escape!

Springfield, my dear home!

The Simpsons win a competition and the price is a new início in Shelbyville. They mover but soon the rest of the town realize that nothing happend in the town after the Simpsons left, and calls to a townmeeting to deside what to do!
Crossing the line again.

Mr. Burns realize that he don't have enough money and decides to trow the city in to a cold winter por releasing chemicals in the atmosphere. This makes everyone use mais power and life seems good for Mr. Burns, but some of springfield's citizens are forming a new underground organization to make him disappear and make everything the way it was.
Super cop.

Crime is of the charge in spingfield and as a response to that, mayor Quimby forms a new SWAT team. Santa's little helper is recruited. The dog gets famous and every bad guy in springfield fear him, but not for long. Soon a new supervillain comes to town and santa's little helper gets in deep trouble.
Love! ...it hurts!

Marge and homer gets into a fight! It end with homer beeing kicked out of the house. He goes to a local hotel where he meets marges sisters. Now he's only way of geting marge back is to do as her sisters tell him to do. AT the same time Bart goes undercover to find out what girls really are doing on sleepovers, to settle a bet with millhouse!
Call for santa!

It's natal and Lisa and Bart are really excited.
then there christmas-spirit is taken away when they overhear homer saying that santa is not real.
They go both in a deep depression and the whole natal is at stake. Now homer need to prove to them and to him self that santa is real, but try's to hard.
The green springfield.

At long last, Springfield is becoming mais popular but there is a problem. The smoke from the tirefire is polluting the air and therefore all the tourists are turning. But can they put out the fogo on springfield most popular tourist attraction? At the same time the rest of springfield is going green, and life is looking good, but when a solar powerplant wants to come to springfield Mr. Burns take a stand and shows everybody what power money have.
My life for a comicbook

Comic con is comming up and Bart wants to go. Marge refuse due to the fact that she thinks that is only nerds there. Now Bart need to show Marge and him self just how nerdy he can be. Homer gets hooked on buying things on ebay and finds a old comic book worth 90.000 dollars, but it a problem. He don't have the money, so he finds a solution. He borrowed the money from the bank, not realizing, he need to pay it back.