i mean what could i say for this show....it's brilliant,oh come on...
how many times stuiped things happened to u ..and it's happened in the simpsons
it's not a cartoon...its reality for a things happened in our lifes.
you may dont...but i do,that cause i'm opssesed in the simpsons.
when i make a mistake... i dont get sad..cause i remmember homer did a thousand mistakes and he run away of it....and u may dont..but i'm in 15 so i need a thing just to not make me feel guilty.
and really when i get sad i wache the simpsons.. when the episodes end in my ipod..i really forget that i'm was saaad.
now.. why do it's better than family guy cause i can wache one limited episode for the simpsons all over agaian and again..and i never get bored..
but family guy i can see one limited episode maybe just for two or one times...thats it!!!
thats why simpsons still number one!!!!!!!!!!!!