"Naveen, what are you doing?" she asked turning around. "well well well, look who's messing with the Voodoo man's daughter." Tiana said frowning. "lemme fix that Naveen." He looked up at her. "But eatch out for the mucus, no?" Tiana sighed. "Ok Ok i know." she said beijar him. Sparkles were everywhere. "How did this happen? I mean- I-I" Tiana said confused. Her hands were once again green, and she was slimy with mucus again. "But i'm a princess though... Mama Odie said..." Tiana said thinking. Naveen looked at her. She was so beautiful.... But how can he tell her about... "Naveen, it's back to the Baiyou. C'mon." Tiana said snapping him out of his thought. As they hopped through New Orleans, Naveen thought what Tiana would say if he told her. maybe when we get at the Baiyou.. He thought. As the dia ended, they reached the Baiyou. "HUH! WELL IF IT ISN'T NAVEEN AND TIANA AS FROGS AGAIN!!!! " Louis said hugging them. "Louis stop can't breath!" Tiana said. "what you doing in the Baiyou again?" Louis asked eating berries. "what are You doing here Louis?" Tiana asked. "well they figured out I was a Gator.." "well he messed with the shadow man's daughter..." "he was very convincing! I didn't even know that was-" Tiana and Louis started talking. "I know the way to Mama Odie.. I live right por her! She said if i cant find her, she'll call me. with food..." he said smiling. "good thing I'm going início anyways.." "well c'mon then, Naveen." Tiana said. I should tell her now.. he thought. "Tiana WAIT!" Naveen called out hopping in front out her. "yes Naveen?" "I have to tell you something.. I I kissed some one por accident..." he said looking down. "You, You What?! Naveen, I thought you-" Tiana siad hopping on Louis's back. "Tiana I'm Sorry! Wait!" he called out hopping on Louis's tail. BOOM! Thunder cracked. Rain started pouring down. "hey listen guys um we need shelter so um, we'll have to wait until the storms over." Louis said. Louis went under a big tree. soon they were dry. Naveen looked at Tiana. she is beautiful. Tiana noticed him. "Hmph." she said turning around. He thought of him and Tiana first meeting. "just one kiss?" she asked. "only one. unless you beg for more....." Naveen snapped out of his thought to the smell of food. "smells delicious Tiana." Louis said gulping the gumbo. "may i have some?" Naveen asked. "get it yourself Mr.accident Kiss." Tiana said not looking up.