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Outsiders - Vidas sem rumo
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Dally’s P.O.V

“I remember your bare feet down the hallway…”

My son Johnny had a twin.

“I remember your little laugh
Race cars on the cozinha floor, plastic dinosaurs
I amor you to the moon and back.”

His name was Sam. He looked like the complete opposite of Johnny. He looked like (Y/N). Always laughing like her.

“I remember your blue eyes
Looking into mine like we had our own secret club
I remember you dancing before bedtime
Then jumping on me, waking me up.”

He wanted to be tuff, just like me.
Wanted to grease his hair back, have a smoke, do whatever it was I was doing.

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Dally’s Perspective



This is not happening.

I got this jittery feeling around (Y/N). My coração pounds. I’m nervous.

She’s the most beautiful girl I’ve ever met. She was funny, smart, wonderful, and everything good.

I wasn’t supposed to feel this way.

I wasn’t supposed to want her. Need her.

Dallas Winston didn’t need anyone.

Except I needed her. I needed (Y/N). I was scaring myself.

“Dally, are you ok?” She says, breaking me out of my daze.

“No. I’m not ok.” I say.

She looks at me for further information, so I continue.

“I…I think I like you.”

“Well, if we didn’t,...
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 the position that Zuko and Katara are in in the very last picture is just like the one that me and Ponyboy were in. i think im gonna faint...
the position that Zuko and Katara are in in the very last picture is just like the one that me and Ponyboy were in. i think im gonna faint...
*Singin' to Ponyboy*

i woke up early the seguinte morning, with Ponyboy por my side. when i fluttered my eyes open i saw an arm slung around me. the arm was cloaked in a grey sleeve that probably belonged to a person wearing a grey suéter, camisola jacket. my left hand that was against my travesseiro was on topo, início of another hand. and i felt that my back was against someone else's stomach. i also felt someones head right beside mine.

it was all Ponyboy.

i recongnized this position. it was in a picture of Zutara, my favorito animê shipping. Zutara was a mash-up name for the characters Zuko and Katara from Avatar:...
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posted by MJ_Fan_4Life007
Two bit pov: I was at the DX with Ponyboy. We had started to walk inside when Randy came up wanting to talk to Pony. pónei, pônei had gone on to Randy's car while I stayed put, teasing the socs. Then, this real pretty girl came out the DX. I turned from teasing the socs a segundo just to look at her. She raised her eyebrow at a soc and said, "y'all's gettin ready fer a flood?" I almost died laughing, "That's what I just said, sweets!". She giggled and blushed. I flashed a grin and walked a little closer. "Ya gotta name, doll?", I asked. "(Y/N), an what about you? You gotcho self a name?", she said....
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We got into Dally's csr. No wait, this is Buck's T-Bird. Why was Dally driving this thing? We drove to the Dairy Queen. While on the way there, Dally almost drove into a ton of people. On purpose, of course. We ordered four bbq rib sandwiches, four cokes, four fries, and three lorota, fudge sundaes. The sundaes were for Johnny, Pony, and I. "Man, I thought I was hungry. Hey, slow down, I gotta lot of cash.", Dally said. We just started to eat a little faster. This was the first time in five days that I ate some good food. "Hey, I didn't tell you we got a spy.", Dally said, out of the blue. "A spy,...
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a trubite to Dally.
dally winston
dallas winston
Outsiders - Vidas sem rumo
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“So,” (sister #1’s name) “have you and Y/N done the deed?” She smirks at Dally.

”(#1)!” (Sister #2 name) scolds. She turns to Dally. “I’m sorry, she has a habit of being a little nosy.”

“A little?” Dally smirks. He turns to (#1). “And that’s none of your business.”

“Well I think it is, she’s our sister and all.” (#1) replies.

“And she’s my girlfriend.” Dally says back, just as snotty.

“You guys seem good together.” (#2) smiles.

“Yeah, I really amor her.” Dally smiles.

“Translation: wants to get in her pants.” (#1) snickers.

”(#1)! I don’t think...
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He was lying on the sidewalk while we were all jumping over and running past him. Darry ran over to his side. I went over with the rest of the gang to pound some heads in. After the Socs drove away I ran back over to Ponyboy, trailing behind Soda. His neck was bleeding pretty bad and he looked like a ghost. "Are you all right Pony? Did they pull a blade on you?" Sodapop was holding a hankerchief against Pony's neck. It was slowly getting red. "Yeah." His voice sounded hoarse and dry. "It's okay Ponyboy, they ain't gonna hurt you no more." We walked por to the house while Darry was yelling at...
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The crying hadn’t stopped for hours. A baby with an ear infection was no fun.

Y/N was walking around the kitchen, bouncing Grace up and down, trying to get the wails to stop.

“Baby, what do you want?” I’ve done about everything I can,” Y/N almost pleads with the baby. “Mommy wants to sleep.”

I was suddenly aware of the fact the Y/N didn’t sleep at all last night.

I walk over to Y/N, and take the baby from her. “I got baby duty tonight.”


I’m screwed.

“Are you serious?” Y/N asks, eyes wide.

“Yeah,” I smile.

What am I doing? I amor Grace to death but…

“Ok I’m going...
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Darry’s Perspective

I never got to hold her.

We had tried so hard, and when (Y/N) finally got pregnant, it was like a miracle almost.

I should have known it was too good to be true.

I felt her kick; three times. And that was it.

I talked to her all the time.

And those five precious months was all I got with her.

And so here I sit, against the mural of the kitchen, cerveja in hand.

Five months.