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The fans pick: amor Her
The fans pick: Sailor Saturn
The fans pick: hotaru
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The outer senshi mural

MAB092401 said …
should i cange my ícone to salor moon cause im not sure? Posted over a year ago
Ami_Mizuno said …
anterior ícone was better. Posted over a year ago
vampiressJazz commented…
Yeah..i know i changed it and then though hmm this looks bad but... i lost the icon.. over a year ago
unohana commented…
sailor moon rocks!!! over a year ago
kate426545 commented…
u can change it to another one. over a year ago
NnyChichibuChan commented…
The outer senshi tend to be mais interesting than the inner senshi, and in the animê it said they had special powers that made them stronger:) The older, mais mature ones that look mais like women than teenagers are the outer sailor senshi. Except for Hotaru, who is still a cute little girl:) It's sad, Hotaru's fate. over a year ago