the office What will Kelly do now that Ryan is gone?

Pick one:
Sulk around and be mad all the time.
Try and get him back.
LET IT GO! mover on, find someone else!
tell everyone every single detail of their relationship and complain
Added by Stevebear
Go after Toby, even if he does have that "stupid kid"
Added by chel1395
She Will Be So Crushed That She Actually Stops Talking
Added by tvman
They'll show her crying a few times, and complaining, but it will not be a huge f
Added by jimandpam12
go off and get drunk and go strait to jail
Added by izzyesso
Get really drunk and tell someone that she&# 39; s...
Get really drunk and tell someone that she's pregnant
Added by smackdabish
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 Clarkfan posted over a year ago
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