the office The Duel: Thoughts?

papa posted on Jan 16, 2009 at 04:36PM
I thought it was a fantastic episode of The Office. So many funny quotes, great dramatic tension.

I loved the fact that Andy used the Prius in "silent" mode and how tactless Michael's revelation about Angela to Andy was.

It was also great to see David Wallace trying to figure out HOW Michael is achieving such great success. Michael is truly the Homer Simpson of Dunder Mifflin.

Definitely one of the best of the season.

I almost felt sorry for Dwight even when he discovered that Andy was also having sex with Angela. Dwight looked so devasted. Of course, I feel more sorry for Andy. But the two of them are in a world of hurt right now.

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over a year ago shannieannie said…
excellent post. i loved this episode too. i loved everything about it except for the lack of JAM, which they better have more of in upcoming episodes, and ... the worst part... when dwight threw away the bobblehead!!!!!!! Nooooooo!!!!! not the bobblehead!!!!!!! :( seriously i was so upset.
over a year ago ArabellaElfie said…
big smile
I'm so thrilled with this episode. I have to say, the Prius in 'silent' mode made my entire night.
over a year ago llerenaprincipe said…
angela kinda deserved it for what she did to BOTh
lol at andy's invoice, he's smart
over a year ago smoore23 said…
Driving the Prius in silent mode was a genius move on Andy's part!

I was prepping myself for Wallace to give bad news to Michael, but I'm glad it didn't turn out that way.

I lost respect for Angela after seeing 'Goodbye, Toby' so I didn't feel sorry for her at all. I do feel sorry for Andy, but not for Dwight. They both deserve better!

I want The Office to be less depressing though. This episode and 'Moroccan Christmas' both left me feeling... well, I'm not sure what the word is, but it isn't happy or upbeat. :/

Also, I hope we get to see the bobblehead again! I like that little guy.
over a year ago chel1395 said…
This episode had lots of great moments and quotes. I'm officially living by the Schrute Family Rule #17: "Don't turn your back on bears, men you have wronged, or the dominant turkey during mating season." :D

My only complaint is that I wish Michael had stayed at the office. I'd love to see him react to the duel. However, I did like seeing Jim in charge. And while I'm still holding out hope for Dwangela, I think Angela deserved to get dumped by both guys. Here's hoping she'll finally be the one doing the chasing instead of Dwight...
over a year ago coot66 said…
I felt a bit like Michael did when I figured there'd be a confrontation... I just wanted to scream: