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MichaelScottOFF posted on Dec 13, 2008 at 06:34PM
Forum Name: The Office Fan Forum
Forum Link:
Description: This is the place to chat about the show we all know and love, The Office!

It's a forum devoted to the great hit Television show, “The Office”! The forum has a very great community. The forum has all the latest ‘Office news. The forum has a segment to chat about the English version of The Office, so if your a fan of the English version, then join there and chat about it there as well! Also there's another segment to just hang out and chat with all the forums members.

The forum has 50+ members and 500+ posts, that’s one of the parts we need to bring up.

Also there is a Advertising forum, that you can advertise your website on The Office Fan Forum: link

So why not come along to link and join!

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over a year ago sammythebull said…
does anyone know when ryan will be back?