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Holly-Golightly posted on Nov 30, 2008 at 02:20AM
It appears all of the Australian Office fans have the same complaint- the very unfriendly timesolt of Sunday night at 11.25. I think we should all come together to support dunder mifflin in the Australian market by creating a petition to present to channel ten for a primetime timeslot. If you are interested let me know and together we can write up the petition!


Please please sign, even if you dont live in Australia. Need as much support as possible!
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over a year ago loopygiggles said…

and the worst thing is, they dont even show new episodes.
im an aussie girl and i have seen every single office episode at least 20 times, by watching them on the internet costing me millions from downloads.
if they put new episodes on earlier i wouldnt have to spend so much!

its a good idea!
over a year ago Holly-Golightly said…
Here is the link:

Tell all of your friends!
over a year ago snoznoodle said…
I'm signer number 2!
Come on PLEASE we need to convince 10!
Thanks so much Holly-Golightly, expect a prop as soon as I'm done!
over a year ago rockandroll89 said…
I signed Number 1 :)
Do it guys we need the office on at a better time out here.

over a year ago Holly-Golightly said…
It has now been pushed back to 12.05 monday morning, which means it wont start until at least 12.15 Come on people, sign the petition and send it to all of your office friends!