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loopygiggles posted on Nov 28, 2008 at 04:48AM
Ok this is a game I saw on the Gilmore Girls spot so I don't know if this is going to work here.
Basically each person writes 3 things that they have learned from the office - try not to repeat what others have said and only 1 entry of 3 a day just to make it fair. So I'll start us off.....

1. "Shunning" is like slapping someone with silence

2.1000 Schrute bucks is equivellent to 1 american dollar

3. 32000 people die a year from depression

have fun.

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over a year ago Holly-Golightly said…
1. George Forman Grills are painful to step on.

2. Office romances can work out.

3. One "Americans" a year dies from rabies.
over a year ago loopygiggles said…
1. Second life is not a video game, it is a virtual interractive world just like the one around us.

2.People with rabies have a fear of water

3."second acting" is when you sneak into a stage show with the smoker after the interval
over a year ago Holly-Golightly said…
1. SWAG stands for Stuff We All Get

2. Interventions are like surprise parties

3. (Will add something later!)
over a year ago smoore23 said…
1. How to butcher a goose.

2. Be wary of people whose dentist's name is Crentist.

3. It is possible to raise and lower your cholesterol at will.
over a year ago IndianKelly said…
1. Black Bear is best
2. There are a huge number of yeast infections in Lackawanna County
3. More people use cocaine than read a book to their children
over a year ago flyin_rhino said…
1. Bears eat beets.
2. The ratio of Stanley Nickels to SchruteBucks is the same as the ratio of Unicorns to Leprechauns.
3. Babies are slippery.
over a year ago ilovemichael said…
1. Blackbelts are not given out to things that are stupid
2. There is a place in France where the naked ladies dance
3. If you make love to many women in the mud and the rain, it is possible for a man to slip in without even knowing
over a year ago smoore23 said…
1. Oscar is a potential drug mule.
2. Toby doesn't really play cards, but he loves taking money away from Michael.
3. Toby Flenderson is everything that is wrong with the paper industry.
over a year ago ilovemichael said…
1. When you finish an alcoholic beverage; wait for the ice cubes to melt and it will be like second drink
2. Don't bring your purple belt to work because someone might steal it
3. Marv something was a great sportscaster and a big wierdo creep, Andy is like him
over a year ago smoore23 said…
1. Reverse psychology is an awesome tool.
2. If you order the most expensive thing on the menu, you'll have to put out.
3. If you date Michael Scott publicly, you'll collapse in on yourself like a dying star.
over a year ago ilovemichael said…
1. How to jump start a car
2. Purses can be mini briefcases
2 1/2. mariuanna( I dont know how to spell it) leads to crack which leads to crystal meth which leads to death.
3. If you get the dundie for bushiest beaver you are allowed to have it changed to busiest beaver