the office Episode 5x03

iar posted on Oct 18, 2008 at 10:47PM
hey I loved this episode, I really liked it. I wanted to know what de people fan of the office thinks about it. What part did it make you laugh the most? What was your favourite part? What do you think about Jim and Pam, Michael and Holly?

Jan is really crazy...I really like that Michael did exactly the oposite that Jan asked him. He finally stood up against her! yay!!!

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over a year ago petunia04 said…
I didn't like the Jim/Pam stuff - I felt bad for Jim and I didn't like Pam at all - I guess the little phone message bit at the end kind of made up for everything but I'm not liking art school Pam.

Jan is totally CRAZY! and I LOVE Holly - so glad she and Michael are going on a date. I am sooo curious to find out what happens b/w Michael/Holly/Jan.

I loved Angela & Andy & the baby pics - too cute! It was totally gross when Dwight birthed a buttered watermelon and then Michael ate it - gross! oh and Astird (instead of Astrid) - I died laughing over that one.

Wasn't an overly strong episode - but the deleted scenes have been pretty funny so far.
over a year ago Office_001 said…
What are you talking about petunia04 the Jam stuff was cute it was like right on and it was just amazing. I don't really like art school Pam either, I think she should come home to Jim and start planning their wedding. Jan was so funny when she was singing, wow and she was really getting into it. I love how Dwight takes the baby stroller and does some tests with it. Michael and Holly that was so cute, Mihcael just slowly went up to Holly and hugged her cute!. The episode felt really short, It was an OK episode, not great. I just miss Pam and Jim together at the Office
over a year ago llerenaprincipe said…
wasnt really funny
but the end made it good =)