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iar posted on Sep 22, 2008 at 12:33AM
Since the new season is coming and I'm very anxios I've been re watching the seasons of The Office...and two questions poped into my head that have never poped before...I hope someone can helped me to ansewer them! =)!

The questions are:

Why he didn't look surprise when Michael told him that Pam didn't get married at the Convention?
And when he ask to go out a girl name Brenda in the Second Season, was the same Brenda
that went to the Booze Cruise, the one from corporate?

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over a year ago smoore23 said…
1 - Remember when Michael and Pam were on the phone, Michael says "Have fun on your date." Jim hears that and he looked surprised then. I never figured out if that was the first time he found out she didn't get married or what.

2 - Yes, that was the same Brenda.
over a year ago iar said…
Hey! thanks for the answer!! I wasn't sure if it was the same Brenda. thanks! =)!