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Jinx22 posted on Sep 18, 2008 at 10:41PM
Hey all! just wanted to let everyone know that iTunes is trying to get everyone to purchase their HD shows, and so to get people hooked, they're giving out some select episodes of shows for free.

This was said on 9 to 5 mac


"Apple, hoping to get its millions of iTunes users into the HD TV show format is offering up a free selection of HD content for iTunes 8 users. C|Net put together a helpful list for us:

* 30 Rock
* Battlestar Galactica
* Eureka
* Heroes
* In Plain Sight
* Lipstick Jungle
* Monk
* The Office
* Psych
* Life
* The Rachel Zoe Project
* Top Design"

Sweet, huh?

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over a year ago IrishTea said…
The Office and Battlestar Galactica? Haha. Dwight would be all over that.