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yariz posted on Jul 27, 2008 at 08:14PM
If dunder mifflin scranton brach was a high school who would be who? Who would be the jock, the nerd, etc.
Here is my idea.....

Jim-captain of basketball team/ class clown
Pam-miss artsy
Dwight-the nerd(obviously)
Kelly-the gossip chick

that is all i got so far
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over a year ago doonis said…
Darryl - the jock/cool guy
Andy - teacher's pet
Meredith - slut
over a year ago Office_001 said…
Michael- The trying to make everybody laugh but doesn't.
Creed- The druggy
Stanley- Doesn't care about school.
Karen- The popular cheerleader that everyone wants to date.
over a year ago 28spike28 said…
jim: the popular prankster that falls for the nerdy artsy girl(pam)

angela: the PPJC(prude praise jesus chick[yes i have those initials copyrighted and i did make that up])

kevin: the gambler addict(its a problem in highschool) who has the lines on every varsity sport for the school year

oscar: quiet kid who no one knows is a homosexual.

phyllis: the sweet girl who is slightly unattractive but gets along great with everyone.
over a year ago SilentEDJ said…
toby: the loser kid that no one likes
ryan: the douche of the school
over a year ago adribaby111 said…
Michael- Verbally abusive mean guy
Dwight- Verbally abusive mean guy's side kick who say "yah" after Michael makes a mean statemant.
Pam- cute shy girl
Jim- basketball super star
Ryan- snob
Andy- guy with the Varsity jacket and all the babes
Kevin- quiet chubby guy
Creed- cool guy with the leather jacket and the corvette
Kelly- obnoxious cheerleader who chews bubble gum all the time and snaps it so annoyingly
Toby- kid who walks down the hall with his head down