the office What a way to go out???

Luciie-Goosiie posted on Jun 16, 2008 at 09:08AM
We all know the office may be ending soon. We all know even if it doesn't happen soon its gonna happen later...
my question to all of you is:
How do you want the Office to end????

me personally, I want a massive bang. thats never gonna be forgotten. something like, the gang get told that the branch is being closed and they ALL try to fight it and make a massive fuss and you know the stuff those guys come up with. Just think how big Micheal will make it.

so whats your ideas???

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over a year ago Luciie-Goosiie said…
By the way...
I don't think it will end soon?
over a year ago cenati said…
michael faking his own death
over a year ago johnmayer93 said…
i could actually see michael faking his own death... i have a feeling that jim and pam will have something to do with it. cause if they're not on the show anymore, no one would watch.
over a year ago nezenic said…
I could see it ending with Jim and Pam's wedding.
over a year ago 28spike28 said…
what?! their wedding, no. try micheals wedding or micheal had a secret child he never knew about with carrol. she finally finds it necessary to tell him.
pam might have a baby by then. creed will be dead. but there has to be an office tradgedy. or it oculd be dwight and angela's wedding. many possibilities to be discussed at this time.
over a year ago llerenaprincipe said…
i dont wanna even think about it!
over a year ago IndianKelly said…
If Michael fakes his own death, it would be to untangle himself from Jan, again. I can see that happening.
over a year ago cenati said…
how bout this.

Michael is jealous that everyone is taking notice to jan and giving her all the attention because she is pregnant and he believes that he should get half the attention due to the fact that he feels like the father.
jan is loving the attention which prompts her to visit the office on a daily basis making michael even more jealous because he feels invisible to jan and the others.
michael then writes down a plan in his office.
he plans on getting the love and attention back from all his workers and believes that he will do so by faking his own death to make the others feel sad and terrible and wishing that he would come back.
Michael plans on spying on the office while he disguises himself as an electrician appointed to the scranton branch so he could witness all the sadness and grieving.
Michael plans to come back after a few days telling everyone that a miracle helped him to come back from the dead.
therefore everyone will be relieved and glad to see him back.

michael leaves early for the day while jim stumbles upon the michael's fake death plan in his office informing everyone about his secret but Dwight!!!!

The next morning michael comes to work in an obvious disguise pretending to fix the computer cables.
the branch gets a letter from a mysterious person stating that michael was dead.
cause of death
shot dead from a drive by.

Everyone knows that michael is playing a prank but Dwight who is mourning his death.

Michael who is still under a disguise calling himself "Bruce Dwayne" tries to interact with jim and ask him why he looked so sad.
jim obviously doesnt seemed bothered by the death
and tells "Bruce" that he isnt upset.
Michael then tries to comfort the other people (but dwight)but is put off by the fact that no one is upset or grieving.
michael tries his best to make the others feel bad about the death but doesnt succeed.
jim and pam throw off obvious suggestions telling
"Bruce" that he looked a lot like the manager that died.

Michael continues to work effortlessly on the cables trying to look as proffesional as possible but failing to by using the wrong tools to cover the job.He is also trying his best not to act like the way he would act but cant commit to that either by giving a "THATS WHAT SHE SAID" reference.

jan comes into the office and is casually informed by jim that michael died.
she shrugs it off (coz she knows about it too)and gets everyone talking about the baby.

by this time michael is absolutely disgusted and reveals his real identity with little shock from the others.

He says that he is really upset by the fact that no one was grieving and that everyone should be crying by now and that he is sick and tired of being the invisible person in the office.

by this time dwight (who is in the shock of his life) faints to the floor making everyone surround him and try to help him up.

dwight recovers to his feet.

michael has had enough stating that they would rather run for dwight and not for him and yanks his tools of the cables electrocuting himself.

Michael then wakes up in hospital with everyone by his side.
jim tells michael that everyone knew of his plan to fake his own death and that no one purposely made him feel invisible and apologises.

michael also apologises and says that he cannot wait for the baby to come.

wow took me a while to write
just a thought lol

i hope the writers are reading this :)

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over a year ago hooch-is-crazy said…
I like these ideas but I think somewhere Dwight should do the best prank ever on Jim after all Jim's pranking.
over a year ago llerenaprincipe said…
maybe we should open a thread about
what could be dwight's best prank ever =P
that he could do to jim
over a year ago doonis said…
i wrote some ideas in another thread like this
but i don't really feel like pasting it here again
wasn't this already a topic?