the office How long will Michael be a Beeyotch

Toondog posted on May 24, 2008 at 07:42AM
What is funny about Michael and Jim is Jim and Michael are going in opposite directions. It is sweet irony. Michael wants to be aggressive and go for it in the most recent episode and Jim coninutes to take his time and cherry pick for the moment and deterrs Michael from being aggressive for the first time in his life.
The deal is Pam is getting tired after dealing with Roy and things are going to have to happen with her and Jim after the first few episodes of next year or the plot line will be toast.
The thing when Michael said he sees a lot of Jim in himself becomes hauntingly and hauntingly more familiar. I think the writers of The Office are, in a round about way trying to connect Jim and Michael in such a weird and round about way. Maybe that and maybe I am drunk and like to be a conspiracy theorist.... food for thought guys

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over a year ago Toondog said…
So, I guess I didn't answer my post title.... How long will Michael be a bitch to Jan??? She treats him like crap at every turn and he keeps being supportive and there for her but she keeps crapping on him with no regard to his respect. So keep those two posts in mind.... I should have posted it differently but I got sidetracked and intoxicated. What can ya do?