[Seth and Summer Cohen went into their limo and drove out of the large Cohen house, headed to the Airport. Their wedding was perfect all they could ever imagine. You see them in the back of the limo waving to their family and friends saying goodbye till they come back.]

“I am so excited for Tahiti, Cohen!!” Said summer with a gleaming smile on her face.
Seth rubbed her cheek. “It’s where I’ve always wanted to bring you with me. I amor you so much.”
“I amor you too. Always have.” Summer said, gazing into his beautiful brown eyes.
She runs her hands through his small Jew-fro, and kisses him hard. He kisses her back, and now getting harder. He takes off her veil, and runs his hands through her gorgeous hair. She unzips her dress, and looks back to see if the window is closed so the limo driver can’t see them. Summer hops up on Cohen, and kisses him everywhere. Finally he unzips his pants and throws off his shirt. The windows get steamy and so do they. “Do you really want to do this now?” Said Seth digging into his pocket for something. “It’s not like we haven’t before” Summer answered. It was a long ride to the airport.

[Seth and Summer get to Tahiti, and its been a couple weeks since the wedding. They’ve had the time of their lives. They were just going to go for a hot tub swim when Summer realizes something.]
“Seth.” She said warily. “Can we talk for a sec?”
“Sure honey.” He kisses her and the sit down on the grand hotel couch. “What’s going on?”
“Do you remember when we were in College? When I thought I was pregnant, and you gave me that faux ring you got in a biscoito, bolacha jacks box? When we first got engaged?”
“Of course I do. That was the night when I realized I wanted to spend the rest of my life with you. Why, what about that night?” He seemed confused.
“Well, tonight is like that night. You- your going to be a dad, Cohen.” She held his hands. “I’m pregnant.”
“What?!” He was so shocked, but happy. “We-were going to be parents? Summer, this is- this is amazing!” They hug and kiss all night excited about their new expected child.
“There is something else.” She said, looking not as excited. “I went to the doctor the other day. She’s due around Marissa’s birthday.” Summer looked Sad. She missed her best friend even if she died about 6 years ago. She wanted her to be her godmother.
“Well there’s only one thing that I think we should do.” Seth said trying to cheer her up. “We’ll name her after her. She was your best friend, and without her, we would have never been together.”
Summer’s eyes widened. “Are you serious? This is the best thing we could do for her.” They both smile. “Hmm, Marissa Cohen. Doesn’t sound half bad.” She was happy again, and they went off for a swim.