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Was It OK That Allie Cheated With Noah?


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No, not at all. It's what ruined the movie. It would have been a minor thing if it was the classic arranged or half-way arranged marriage to a total jerk or something. Instead, she romantically fell in love with this guy who was an incredible catch on paper & emotionally.

The excuse is that she was more meant for Ryan Gosling, the guy she argued with a lot. It's the reason ANYONE is going to leave a serious bf/gf/fiance/wife/husband for an old flame.

Remember -- this was a very short-lived summer FLING from the high school days. She could have gone down there before going steady with him to fix up unresolved issues. She didn't -- not until she saw him in the paper, then proceeded to get porked every which way from Sunday -- begging for more (no exaggeration) and with no guilt while having a ROCK ON HER FINGER -- with a great catch she truly fell in love with!

All because a past fling, a unique, special fling from teen years, had mystery & question marks about it. Would that be reason for a guy to cheat BIGTIME on his fiance? NO.
posted over a year ago.
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