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 1x06- Red Handed
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This The Mentalist screencap contains traje de passeio and terno de negócio. There might also be retrato, headshot, close up, and closeup.

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 Lisbon means strong. Jane means jerk.
Lisbon means strong. Jane means jerk.
Oh, this fanfic is starting to embrulho, envoltório up. Sad? Good, you should be. Jane and Lisbon are freakin' fighting, and not in their usually adorkable way!!! I need to give simovska mad props for their pics!! I don't know where you find these pics simovska, but I defidently want to know!
Disclaimer: Jisbon is real. Me owning The Mentalist is not.

" It's official. Jane broke Lisbon." furgão, van pelt announced to the team as she came out of Lisbon's office.
" What'd he do?!" Rigsby snarled. Cho broke his usually silence por saying,
" Just give the word and we'll kill him." there...
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