Soon, the Stone mesa, tabela was in sight. Aslan was running as fast as her could, with all his beasts behind him. He didn't slow down as he approached the Table. He stopped suddenly, jerking Tina forward. She found herself back in bed, with her grandpa still reading. No time had passed.
"Grandpa, grandpa!"Tina exclaimed. "You'll never guess where I've just been!"
"What do you mean, sweetie?" her grandfather asked, but Tina noticed a mysterious twinkle in his eye.
"Oh, grandpa, I've just been to Narnia!"
"Ah, yes. Good ol' Narnia." He chuckled as if remembering good times.
"You've been there, too, grandpa" Tina asked in disbelief and awe.
"Indeed I have, child," he answered, his eyes suddenly becoming full of life, as he became a little boy again.
"How come you've never told me?" Tina demanded.
"Because you'd never have believed me."
"That's not true!"
"Yes, it is."
"Alright, then. Why would I not have believed you>"
"Because you had never been there."
"But how did you know I would go?"
"Oh, Tina." He chuckled again. "How do you think?" It then hit Tina.
"You mean Aslan told you?" Grandpa nodded his head. "But how?"
"He told me that many years from now, someone whom I loved very much would visit Narnia. He said that she -he let it slip that it was going to be a girl- would be his chosen one. That's all he said. Even when I questioned him, he would tell me no more."
"How many times did you go to Narnia, grandpa?"
"Five times!"
"Yes. That's not unusual, is it?"
"Well, kind of."
How many times have you been?"
"Umm..." Tina counted off her fingers. "Two times."
"Two times in two days! I do dare say that that is just as unusual as me going 5 times in 3 years."
"Good point, grandpa. What significant events did you witness?"
"The beginning of Narnia. What about you?"
"The end of the 100 years of Winter."
"The what?"
"The 100 years of Winter, grandpa." Her grandfather gave her a skeptical look. "You see grandpa, the White Witch was given 100 years to rule Narnia. Aslan went back to his country. I was there when Aslan came back to Narnia and ended the Winter. That was one part of the Witch's rule. She's still in charge, though. And she still will be 'till Aslan defeats her."
"I see. Now you get some sleep, my Princess Tina of Narnia." He gave a little bow, and this caused Tina to smile. She took off all her clothing, and went to sleep.
Her grandpa saw her close her eyes, and he smiled, and gave her a Narnia wish. By the Great Lion Aslan may all of Narnia fall at your feet and call you Aslan's chosen one...