She looked up and saw the same lamppost described in the book. This must be Narnia, she decided. "A Daughter of Eve, I wouldn't wonder," came a voice from behind her. Tina swung around and saw a pale woman, wearing white from head to toe, eyes cold as ice, voice smooth as honey.
Tina recognized her instantly. This woman was the White Witch. Tina suddenly stiffened up. Oh, yes. She had heard about what had happened to Edmund. No way was she going to let that happen to her.
"Now, child," the White Witch said, with false concern. "You seem awfully cold."
"That I am," replied Tina.
"Why no come up and sit in my sled with me?" The offer sounded tempting. Being wrapped up in a nice warm coat. But she suddenly realized what she was thinking. She stiffened up again. "I would rather not. Thank you for the offer, though." Of course, she didn't really mean this. Thank the White Witch for an offer? I must be slipping, Tina thought. "Very well, then," she replied. Tina was a bit wary, because, somehow, she felt certain the White Witch wasn't done yet. The White Witch continued. "If that is what you want, that's fine por me. I shall just go back my castelo and be nice and warm and feast on turkey and chicken. Meanwhile, you will be stuck out here in the cold. I shall pity you."
That last sentence made Tina want to kill her. Pity her? Yeah, right. "Just go!" Tina said, trying to keep her temper. She was so angry that she was actually keeping herself warm. The White Witch realized her plan had failed. She spat at Tina's feet. "I shall return," she hissed as her sled drove off.

Tina breathed a sigh of relief. She immediately stiffened up again when she saw a figure mover through the trees...