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o rei leão How do you prefer Simba?

15 fans picked:
 Crazedsitcomfan posted over a year ago
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Crazedsitcomfan picked Adult:
posted over a year ago.
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trisha1 picked Child:
He acts like a 4-year-old! :D
posted over a year ago.
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MasterChief58 picked Adult:
You know, I’ve been around Bambi(a similar movie) and it made me realize why you shouldn’t show to much of the child version of a coming of age character. Which makes me glad that we got both versions of Simba recognized compared to Bambi who’s just recognized as a fawn. I’m all about cub Simba, but in experiencing to much of fawn Bambi, I surely do not want to leave adult Simba out he made my childhood in both ages. Plus, Matthew Broderick.
posted faz 7 meses.
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