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onthebroadway posted on Jul 06, 2010 at 09:50AM
Marina Bay Sands who is the president and the CEO named Thomas Arasi have given the statement that they are very much aware of the tremendous excitement and the anticipation that is circulating amongst the citizens of Singapore and the inhabitants of the close by region owing to the arrival of the award-winning Broadway musical titled “The Lion King.” They have further stated that their plan is to make sure that there is a spectacular and a world-class performance in the month of March in the next year that is in 2011 in Singapore. They also said that the fact that the Disney's Lion King is going to be featured in Singapore is one step towards the fulfillment of their dreams of bringing the best there is to both Singapore and Asia.
Scott Zeiger who is the co-CEO of BASE Entertainment has added to the above remarks saying that they had all been working closely with the Marina Bay Sands since the day of its inception and they can guarantee that Marina Bay Sands is definitely a true architectural marvel. The management is very strong and they have made the commitment to providing BASE entertainment with an international standard stage.
Thomas Schumacher, who is both the producer and the president for the Disney Theatrical Productions has told the media that they were much excited and felt honored to have been home to The Lion King musical.
Their partners are both the Marina Bay Sands and the BASE Entertainment. Disney Theatrical Productions is said to be simply thrilled by the idea of becoming a part of the vibrant and the much growing theatrical scene in Singapore and also in its surrounding areas. If you want to see and enjoy the lion king theatre live so you can get the link and watch the live lion king theatre in Singapore.

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