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misanthrope86 posted on Aug 21, 2017 at 12:52AM
I'm leaving this forum up for possible future club look changes.

In order to prevent further rogue banner polls, I'm setting up this forum for people to submit their suggestions for a new club banner, icon and background.

Of course, the option to keep the current club look will be available.

- banners need to be exactly 800x100, or a size that scales down to 800x100 (for example 1600x200 (banners much bigger than 1600x200 can have some trouble upon upload, so try to stick to a 1600x200 maximum).
- icons need to be square (100x100, 150x150 or 200x200).
- backgrounds need to be at least 1280 wide (length will depend on your image) and high quality.
- if your suggestions do not meet the above size/shape requirements, they will not be included in the polls.
- please be aware of Fanpop's mirroring nonsense on the left end of the banner, and the text at the right end of the banner.
- please also remember that this is a club for the original 1994 movie, so the images used in the banner/icon/background need to be official images from that specific movie. Images from the other movies, or people's fan art, are not appropriate to represent the club.
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over a year ago misanthrope86 said…
Angelpup101, that banner is still not sized correctly. Plus it has already been rejected once before, and seems likely will be rejected again.