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Spottedfeather posted on Jun 09, 2013 at 05:22PM
Hello everybody! We all love the Lion King and we all know that you must of made some kind of fan made character for it so this is the place you can put it. You can create mate, siblings, or cubs for our favorite characters! But make sure you don't copy someones answer like if someone made Mohatu's mate and Ahadi's mother you can't make her Ahadi's mother but you can still make her Mohatu's mate. So that is pretty much it. Hope you have a great time.
And here is the family tree I am using for this.
Mohatu+ ?= Ahadi
The selfish lion+ ?= Uru
Ahadi+ Uru= Mufasa and Scar
?+?= Sarabi
?+?= Sarafina
?+?= Zira
Mufasa+ Sarabi= Simba
?+ Sarafina= Nala and Mheetu
?+ Zira= Nuka, Vitani, and Kovu
Simba+ Nala= Kopa and Kiara
Kopa+ Vitani
Kovu+ Kiara
Also give us a description of your character like their fur color and eye color and tell who they are related too. This closes on Januray 1st 2014
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over a year ago coasterrider said…
Name: Almasi
Description: A brown lioness with green eyes
Mate: The selfish lion
Daughter: Uru
Son: Uchafu

Name: Uchafu
Description: A brown lion with a yellow mane and beard, green eyes
Mate: (free)
Cubs: (free)

* (free) means you can create those lion(s) but after getting my perimission

over a year ago boytoy_84 said…
Name: Kabili
Description: A pale brownish male lion with a dark brown mane with blue eyes
Mate: Damisi, a golden yellow lioness with brown eyes and a dark brown tuft on tail
Daughter: Sarabi

Name: Jelani
Description: A dark golden yellow male lion with a brown mane and green eyes
Mate: Sarafina
Daughter: Nala
Son: Mheetu