Kiara had realized while she was holding her cub, Simba should still be king for a few mais days. "Father we have kings we have queens but I am not queen yet mother is queen and you are king. Kovu,Kopa you will be king in a few days." Kiara just had to say that until her cub has the ceremony. A few days later Rafiki said, "It is time Kiara!" Kiara roared and so did Kovu they had finally become king and queen(and so were Vitani and Kopa. A few minutos later Kodonah was being held up and so was Kitani (Kopa's son.) After a mês Kidonah and Kitani were fully grown cubs. Kidonah was like Kiara. One dia Kidonah was about to leave Pride Rock."Woah,where do you think you're going in such a hurry." Kovu said. Kovu grabbed her por the tail. "Dad,let go I'm a boy I think I can travel on my own!" "Now I just want you to be careful.You can easily get hurt or stepped on or even"-"fall of something I know and if I see any strangers don't talk to them go somewhere else!OK OK CAN I GO NOW PLEASE FATHER!" Kidonah interrupted. "Mind your dad Kidonah." Kiara said. "Yes mother I will." "and stay in Pride Rock at all times." Kovu said. "Yes if you go out of here you'll run into Omati and Vizoni the last outsiiddersssss." Zazu said. "But I thought there were no mais outsiders." Kidonah said. "It happened when a group of 2 rouges found out that Zira and Scar died,after that she wanted to rule the Pridelands and takeover and have children that would destroy the outlands so nobody will live there like they did.