coringa If you're a huge fã of the joker then read this!!!

MoonlitBelle21 posted on Jul 30, 2009 at 01:40PM
Hey, I recently found these videos on youtube, by TheJoker Blogs, and they're amazing. It's suppose to be the joker in arkham asylum, taking place after The Dark Knight, and he's being evaluated by Harleen Quinzel. It's actually really cool. The guys who plays the joker looks a lot like heath ledgers joker, but his voice is different, but it's still really cool. If you want to check out his videos, go on youtube and search TheJoker Blogs. I hope you enjoy them, I did :)

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over a year ago Cliff040479 said…
I saw the video, they was really good!!! but i agree with u the voice of that "Joker" isn't the same of TDK, but i see some of his videos and they cool!
over a year ago MoonlitBelle21 said…
Yeah, even though the voice is different. He looks a lot like the joker, it's amazing :)
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over a year ago HarleyQuinn1 said…
I've seen those videos and some are kind of weird. Like the wedding video was a little twisted, but its awsome.
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