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Interviewed por TV Consultant to the British Film Institute, Dick Fiddy

Join Emmy and BAFTA-winning comedy writer and director Graham Linehan, in conversation with Dick Fiddy, TV Consultant at the British Film Institute, at the Londres Irish Centre for a very special one-off event.

You may know his work in the form of televisão comedies The IT Crowd, Father Ted, Black Books and most recently Count Arthur Strong, however Graham is a stalwart of televisão comedy who has also written for TV gems such as Harry...
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posted by Ropis
I'm looking progressivo, para a frente to the third series. You may not like this show because it seems to have dividido, dividir viewers down the middle: You either amor it or hate it.
But I'm really enjoying this show.

I wasn't too impressed after the first episode.
However it was getting better episode after episode.
So I've changed my mind.

In my opinion, the two best episodes are:

Calamity Jen (First broadcast: 3rd Feb 2006)
Hot Spot: Emergency Services New Number
999 changed to 0118 999 881 999 119 725...3

The Work Outing (First broadcast: 24th August 2007)
Hot Spot: When Moss and Roy need to use the toilette and the employee give to Roy a wheelchair and all sequence.
posted by monstermuncher
I just found this site where you can see every episode online.


Its also got lots of interviews and facts about the show that I found really interesting. Certainly worth a look.

I was very interested to see that the writer of The IT Crowd was also the writer of Father Ted and Black Books!! Theyre my other 2 favourite shows ever.

I hope we see mais IT Crowds to come and hopefully the writer will invent another bombshell of a show.