jogos vorazes {Random icons} Songs from the "Catching Fire" soundtrack :: Which line from 'Mirror' por Ellie Goulding fits best? ♪

Pick one:
Is this our world?
I look in the mirror, I can't get over you
Is it someone else?
I look in the mirror, And I try to see myself
My head full of terror
From the games I played so well
I try to see clearer
I try to forget the fires I started
I try to be nearer, To where you are
Are we estrela crossed lovers?
Did I really want you gone?
If I'm really a winner
Where do these demons come from?
I was the girl who was on fogo
Only a bird could get much higher
I look in the mirror, And I try to understand
And piece it together
Wash the blood from both my hands
I can't see the ending
There are people who know my every secret
I'm tired of pretending
You read my coração
 CullenSisters-X posted over a year ago
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