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jogos vorazes If you read the "Hunger Games" book before you saw the movie, were you disappointed in the outcome and book-to-movie interpretation?

24 fans picked:
I didn't read the book first.
A little disappointed, but not completely.
I haven't seen the movie (yet.)
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 zanesaaomgfan posted over a year ago
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PrimrosePalace picked I didn't read the book first.:
I read the books after watching the movie, but if I read the books before, I'd certainly be disappointed.
posted over a year ago.
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missing_99 picked A little disappointed, but not completely.:
It could have stuck a bit closer to the book. The parade and interview costumes could have been improved, as well as the mutts scene and Rue's death overall. Glimmer had the best death depicted from the book. Only it'd been nice if it went deeper into Katniss' hallucinations from the stings. Honestly, it could have been bloodier. Like with Peeta's leg wound, Katniss' forehead, the entire Katniss-Cato-Peeta-Mutts scene, and the Cornucopia. Not trying to be picky. But the movie was still good for what it was, and I cannot wait for Catching Fire.
posted over a year ago.
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