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posted by Elizabeth_Darcy
 Created por ~commoner-pocky on Deviantart
Created by ~commoner-pocky on Deviantart
For English class not too long ago, we had to write our own Shakespearean sonnet, since we were at the time going to start leitura Othello. I wasn't too sure what to write for my sonnet, but after thinking about it for a long time, I got the idea to write a sonnet based on The Hunger Games. I had an idea to write a sonnet of Rue's death, since it is such an emotional scene. I wrote it as if Katniss was speaking to Rue. I wanted to share it with you fellow Hunger Games fans... I hope you like it!

When I look upon thy young fading life

Thou see the light escaping from your eyes

Begging for the end...
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"So, my turn?" Cato asked and moved to the middle of the circle.

He spun the bottle and returned to his seat.

And it landed on…


Thresh looked indifferent. Cato smirked.

"Truth or dare?" Cato asked the indifferent looking Thresh.

"Dare," Thresh replied indifferently.

"Ooh, I have a nice dare for you!" Cato declared.

He got an indifferent look from Thresh.

Which freaked him out a bit. Didn't Thresh have any other face expressions? Was he just indifferent all the time?


"Come on Cato, say the dare already!" Katniss urged him, looking actually quite excited.

Cato shot Katniss a look, then turned...
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