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posted by Heather522
chapter three the capitol
catos pov
it must be at least 2 oclk in the afternoon when we arrive in the capitol. you can tell your there instantly it is huge. we arrive in the train station and i see many people from the capitol dressed in weird clothes i wave and everyone goes wild its crazy here.
cloves pov
Me and cato get off the train and are taken to our prep team were we get waxed hair trimmed and hosed down then we are taken our prep team we get dresed up in golden costumes then we are ready to go. We see district one and can tell they are intrested i just hope Cato keeps his eyes on the actual prize not glimmer anyway she seems nice enough we will see
Authors Note: so basically whats gonig on is. its alot diffrent from the actual hunger games. in this one Jordan is a only child. she doesnt just use bow and arrows. she uses throwing knifes spears. and she isnt afraid to hurt somebody. so thats all for now.

Jordan 's P.O.V

i woke up tiredly. seeing my mom sleeping like usual. i got freshened up brushed teeth. and got in my out-fit and hunting gear link. i walked out the door seeing our ugly cat. he hisses at me "hey i can still kill you". i walk out into the woods. getitng passed the fence. i caught 1 deer 6 birds. the belll rang to go to the...
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posted by Heather522
chapter 2
Train ride
catos pov
We are now on the train i am sitting on a laranja sofá with my mentors .Clove comes and sits seguinte to me shes young but pretty i stare at her she looks my way and i blush she giggles then the reapings come on. district 1 a young man marvel o toole strong but no match for me and a girl my age glimmer gaze she is beautiful i cant take my eyes off her.
cloves pov
the reapings are finished no compettition there. jantar is over so i go in my room and sleep and sleep well as the capitol is coming tommorow cato is asleep to we get along we have talked about our skills and we agreed we shall form an allience and are hopefull to get district one.
posted by Heather522
Reaping day...
Catos pov
Todays the dia reaping dia the dia i volenteer to be tribute .Feeling very confident as i walk to the district 2 17 male section here we go.welcome welcome welcome this is were i tune out paying no attention to the video from the capital.Here it goes this ano it was the boys first .... thomas lankey everone clears a path the worry on his face i know him he is only 12 but he is going nowhere. I voulenteer i say with pride as i walk up to the stage whats your name young man cato harris well now its time for the girls clove she comes up no worry at all just pride looks about 15 shes got no chance.
Cloves pov
We go in the justice building catos eyes fixed on me i have no visitors so straight to the train for me looks like the same for mr harris .
Beyond the obvious plethora of teachings of dystopian futures
and the divisions of rich and poor, The Hunger Games offers
us sage conselhos about falling in amor and being in a relationship.
1) I know that when you are in a relationship you want your partner to play por the rules, but even if rules are stated, they can be changed , and they probably never existed in the first place. Forget the rules and try to be a little flexible.
2) Appearances can be deceiving. While there has to be an attraction if a relationship is ever going to work, allowing yourself to get to know someone, their strengths,...
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District 1- ___________________________________
District 2-__________________________________
District 3- Beatrice Allerd, ____________________
District 4- Nick Hanson,Sarafina Eclaine_________
District 5- _________________________________
District 6- _________________________________
District 7- Faynne Kennsly,___________________
District 8- __________________________________
District 9- __________________________________
District 10-_________________________________
District 11- _________________________________
District 12- angel Rose Crusadene,______________
Alright guys! I don't wanna keep you waiting so if people don't start creating I'll create tributes and my friends will roleplay.
I'm Crystal Jones. This is district Eleven. This is my 10th Annual Hunger Games. I wake up. I get dressed in a purple knee length dress and black boots. I wear my black and green necklace, too. I leave my hair nice and wavy as usual. I take a bath, grab some throwing knifes, and run into the woods to hunt. I catch 2 squirel's, and, eventually i find a mockingjay, but i hide it under a log. I run to the fence, then backing up as i notice that it has power. of course, it's the reaping day, it will have power. i take a faca out, and quickly cut the fence in half. I run through the fence very...
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posted by flabaloobalah
Everyone is sweating, fat slick beads of sweat accumulating on foreheads and upper lips. At the front of the crowd are the most miserable, popular people in all of District 12, maybe Panem. Effie Trinket, lacking the eagerness she's known for, announces she is about to draw the names for this year's Quarter Quell, the third ever. Katniss Everdeen stands por herself, the lone female candidate. Ladies first, as Effie puts it, and so "the girl on fire" stands silently seguinte to her escort.
Then, Effie claws around the glass ball with the names of the only living male victors from 12. Finally, a slip...
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give me a segundo i need to get my story straight
the carrers are below me, waiting to finish my coração off
my apaixonados waiting for me, just under the tree
my bows been taken por a b!%#@
waiting for my death
and i know i must save you
and this is the price
but between the spear and painful wail
the gore on your dirty hands
i know your trying to take it back
so if por the time
they raise their swords
and charge down the hill
ill save your a$$
i am her
i am the girl on fire
i burn brighter
than the sun
i am her
i am the girl on fire
i burn brighter
than the sun
now i know that
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the gong rings out
the clock starts now
and all i fear
is dying right now
my only wish
is that you will make it out
im glad your safe
im glad your safe

I grab an laranja sack laranja sack
clove killed him and nows after me after me
and i think i should get away get away
im going somewhere no one else
can mur-der me

climb the árvore now
now i need a bow
bow is what i need
need to find the carrers
carrers have you trapped
trapped in their games
games are the end
end for us so come
come with me and chose
choose me or life

the gong rings out
the clock starts now
and all i fear
is dying right now
my only wish
is that you will...
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posted by primrose367
Triute boy
Other tributes
I hoped you enjoed that long list of tributes because there will be mais in catching fogo movie.Read my seguinte artigo about the seguinte tributes for the last two movies.
Thanks for reading,
PS: if you didnt like this artigo post a coment below so i know seguinte time and i will write about anything you can think of and pss. I need fãs for this artigo please coment!!!
posted by katnisseverden
oi people, this is what happened when i read 1 part in mockingjay. ok here i g, I was on my jantar mesa, tabela when i found out Peeta called Katniss a mutt. when i was done with that chapter I went to my sofá i turned off my kindle I sat on the sofá put my face on the assento and started screaming and crying. then i rolled off the sofá and put my face back in to a travesseiro on the floor. i sad WHY WOULD HE SAY THAT TO HER! I threw things and yelled at the kindle and my poster of peeta my mom was laughing then my dad came início and he asked my mom what happened. she told him everything. my dad told me...
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posted by Ninjacupcake
Do not touch me.

Please do not harm me.

I beg you, don't kill me.

Though I have been chosen to fight

I am only a girl, still afraid of night.

There are now bodies everywhere

All surrounding the Cornicopia,

Giving me that blank, suffered stare.

Just moments ago, they were alive.

Standing on their tubes, waiting to go.

My coração beats with every stride.

I am going into some place I don't know.

There he is, standing in front of me.

Do not touch me.

Please do not harm me.

I beg you, do not kill me.

For I am only twelve

And you are almost a man.

Don't you see me crying?

Don't you see me frightened?

You have a smile...
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posted by TerraVonn
Coming soon!


“One of the huge wolf-dogs saw me and came snarling and bristling up the jagged lava slope. As I tried to scramble backwards, he crouched to leap, jaws snapping and glistening with gore. I pointed my pistol and pulled the trigger. The hammer fell on an empty chamber.”

Born into a post-apocalyptic world where civilization has devolved into roving bands of savage and primal killers, fifteen-year-old Terra Vonn has but one chance to survive. Alone, she must endure a journey through a brutal and chaotic land to reach the almost mythical clan of Aurora and...
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posted by psychmacgyver
 Maegan Hangel
Maegan Hangel
I awake with a start on a Capitol train witha pair of chocolate eyes trained on me with a smile.
"How long was I out?" I pergunta the unnamed girl.
"A couple hours. Hey, I'm Maegan Hangel. Your fellow tribute in the games!"
"Okay, I'm Devin Qurstil. Boy tribute. District 7. So you got voted in too?" I reply.
"Yeah, kind of sad really, if you think about it. Your own district. Voting you into certain death. Tragedy." I study her. Long blonde hair. Brown eyes and a yellow tank topo, início and ripped up jeans. Dirt on her hands and face smudged. Work boots. Beautiful. I shake my head after I zone out because...
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posted by psychmacgyver
I trudge up the stairs of our wooden cabin, and collapse into the arms if my bed. I am out like a light. The seguinte morning, I feel like I'll never be able to roll out of cama again. I sadly, eventually have to as I slide down onto the floor, and tumble down the stairs headfirst, blanket and all. I realize I have walked in on my family breakfast, as I slowly get up, and see their faces. As grim as can be. But why would they be like this? Did someone in our family pass away? These perguntas are immediately answered por my mother and father, as if they can read my mind.
"Uh, son, I know it's hard,...
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posted by POPclogger216
He stood there as she walked onto the stage, bow in hand, dressed again as the Mockingjay. For some reason, they wanted him on, or at least near, the stage. Something about symbolism. He couldn’t care less. Not about Coin, standing several yards away, offstage. Or about Snow, even closer, coughing blood out his puffed lips as he grinned.

Oh no. He was thinking of her. A word that dealt with her. With him. With them both. He’d heard it during his therapy. Prim had been repeating it over and over, and it wasn’t until now that he had grasped onto it, held onto it, like it was sanity itself....
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Xi Omega and Arthur Connell walked through the Time Window landing in a forest “Xi, where the hell are we” said Arthur rubbing his back from the landing “Year- 2189, location- America, or as it is now called Panem and we are in District 12” replied Xi taking in a deep breath “Now how was your first trip with the Vortex Manipulator” continued Xi turning to Arthur “Painful, you really have to put up with that thing?” said Xi getting up and looking around, Xi was about to respond when the sound of a twig being snapped filled the air the two time travellers turned “Who goes there”...
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posted by Glimmer101
I never in a million years wanted my name to be drawn. When it was, reality hit me... with a train.
"Stephen Leigh!" The booming voice over the microphone exclaimed.
That was my name, but why was I being called during the Reaping? I walked towards the stage slowly trying to figure out what I had done wrong. I was 17 years old but I had only signed up for 2 tesserae. My brother who would be 19 now, always signed up for the tesserae for our family. He had signed up for 10-15 before his name was drawn 7 years atrás to go into the Hunger Games. He died near the end against the remaining pack of career's....
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