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Who likes articles? I do, I do!!! There is nothing I find mais satisfying here than leitura a good artigo that gives rise to a great discussion. Below I have everything you need to know about artigos to get you composição literária and get the discussions started.

Rules for artigos and artigo Comments

1. First and foremost, as with the rest of the spot, NO SPAM! If I see any spam artigos or comments I will denunciar them on sight....yeah...I'm mean about spam.

2. Please keep your artigos relevant to the series...this goes hand-in-hand with the spam. No, Harry Potter doesn't make an appearance at Camp Halfblood...
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Okay. So in class the other dia we learned about this structure that a lot of the old myths and classics that involved "heroes" would use, and as we were learning about it, IT FIT PJO PERFECTLY. So I was thinking I'd copy it onto here so if any of you are thinking about composição literária a fanfic and needed somee guidance.. I put examples from PJO in parentheses, but this model can be seen in LOTS of other stories as well (HP, the Matrix...) well, here it is!:D

PHASE ONE: Separation
-The Call: An opportunity to face the unknown, the hero chooses it or is dragged into it unwillingly. (e.g. When Percy is...
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 The silver-footed Thetis
The silver-footed Thetis
Oh come on everybody, don't stare at me like that! No, I'm not mad, crazy, insane or whatever you are going to ask. I'm serious. Ok, at least wait until you see what I mean.
Do you remember in The Lightning Thief, everybody thought Hades was bad? He sent monsters after Percy and everything, but he was NOT the BBG. He only wanted his Helm of Invisibility back! So this is my theory: the mistress is not evil. She only wants something that should belong to her, or she has been taking conselhos from a very evil guy (remember King Minos?)
I know what you are going to say. That has already happened in...
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